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does anyone else find it really hard...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joeking, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. joeking

    joeking Elite Member

    when you know you want a pet and you see a addorable little such and such that you really love and you find it hard to keep from buying it and setting up properly and make sure you give him a good going over? It killed me waiting for my Leo but I knew it was the right thing to do but boy when I saw him was I ever excited and I didn't have time to check him out at all because he was just an addorable little ball of affection and I couldn't contain myself from bringing him home lol
  2. smallgrayfox

    smallgrayfox Contributing Member

    Yes, I do find it hard :) But I've taught myself to resist. Otherwise my house would be more of a zoo than it is already, and I'd most likely be minus one husband.:rolleyes:
  3. Brittone05

    Brittone05 Elite Member

    I just gave up resisting lmao

    My husband is fantastic most of the time about my herp addiction and he fully inderstands my need to help animals that are not getting the full love and care they deserve.

    I must admit though that I am now cutting down a lot n my collection :( :(
  4. venus

    venus Founding Member

    I have a hard time resisting as well!! But with my current living conditions, I have cut back my collection as well (I feel your pain Britt). If a creature needs my help thats a different story, lol. There are several more snakes and lizards I want...but I guess that will be in due time :D
  5. cman

    cman Elite Member

    Oh wow it is killing me not getting more animals but i just dont have the money or space right now. but as soon as i do there is going to be a huge addition to the family
  6. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Ok guys this is scary… my husband usually just tolerated the herps, will handle them when asks, but he has decided that he wants to make an outdoor enclosure for turtle, with a pond and the whole nine yards. I’ve had to info on the web about outdoor enclosures. So maybe the addiction is grown to other member of the family. That would be 3 out of 5. Help!
  7. thejoie

    thejoie Elite Member

    my friend... you have NO IDEA how hard.

    Haha, you saw my Uro post... I haven't even gotten my corn yet and I'm already planning on what's to come.
    I have an excuse though.. I got into the reptile thing late.... I'm compensating for lost time!!
  8. grim

    grim Elite Member

    I'm actually pretty good about only buying herps on a planned basis, even with my beardies both of which were planned purchases and the nile monitor although i may be in over my head enclosure wise for him ... he's gonna have a nice , unlplanned enclosure....
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I think this is a very common affliction!:rolleyes:
    I know I frequently find myself walking around at herp shows,...
    I want one of those,...
    and one of those,...
    and one of those!:eek:
  10. cman

    cman Elite Member

    Haha I do the same thing!
  11. grim

    grim Elite Member

    yes its true, i go nuts when i got herp shows "ooh look at the pricing i could buy all of those herps and bring them home"
  12. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    That why we avoid herp shows, haven't taken Sean to one yet! But after this weekend at the Herp expo, I'm sure his list will have grown.
  13. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    I on the other hand have no problem not buying anything, they just seem to follow me home!!!
  14. SpindleHead

    SpindleHead Elite Member

    I have a very hard time resisting as well, but my wife doesn't...LOL and that's why she holds the checkbook, and the CC, and my paycheck...LMAO

    I have been begging for a Leopard Gecko for ages but it's not gonna happen anytime soon so I will be ready by the time she gives in!
  15. Paige

    Paige Elite Member

    I would also love it all, but in reality it isn't possible... for me at least. However, I will get away with as much as I possibly can, lol =)
  16. joeking

    joeking Elite Member

    lol. I'm trying to stop at my one lizard and one snake but then I saw a millipede and that was different and neat to watch but decided against it because I didn't really have any feeling towards it and it's odd paying money for bugs...expecially when your not going to feed it to your gecko. Thanks for all the posts guys! As for Jay've seen that shoe commercial haven't you?

    What? They just followed me home *shrug*!
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