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Do you allow your reptiles some free roam time?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sean Boyd, Nov 21, 2005.


Do you let you herps free roam?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. inkman

    inkman Elite Member

    yup but all at diffrent times cuase waterdragons,savana monitors, baskils's and ig's dont like to play nice
  2. PCar

    PCar Elite Member

    On feedings days all my snakes get 15 to 20 minutes of free roam in my living room under close observation. Seems to help keep them calm and quiet.

    My Beardy also gets free roam on a daily basis. She loves to chase the dogs.
  3. bobbittle

    bobbittle Active Member

    My RES wouldn't be too happy outside of his tank and my newly acquired black rat is both small, mean, and no, I don't let anyone roam around.
  4. The D

    The D Mango Empress

    my columbian red tail comes out often but only to use the humans as tree's. in the summer i do take him to the park and let him crawl around in the grass. usually he checks stuff out for about 10 minuts, and then stretches out to soak up some rays. the only time it's ever a problem is if there's dogs around, but people are usualy keen on keeping their canines away from the 6 foot boa!
  5. actionplant

    actionplant Elite Member

    The hallway in my house is easily blocked, so all the large snakes each get some free roaming time on their cleaning days.

    The tortoises get free roaming time in the front yard every day I go out and water. They take care of the dandilions so it's mutually beneficial.

    The larger of my two water monitors likes to sit on the couch and he behaves himself, so he occassionally gets to come out. The iguana is the same.

    The beardies get supervised roaming time in the livingroom on cleaning days.

    That's about it. The smaller snakes are a little to wily, and the younger animals get cranky once they have a taste of freedom so we wait until they're a little older and more calm. Most of these animals get free-roaming only as far as the boundaries of the bathtub.
  6. aiden_punx

    aiden_punx Elite Member

    i have two dogs and a cat so neither my corn or boa get to roam around
  7. goldrockin_froggie

    goldrockin_froggie Well Established Member

    I like to Ssssslither in the grassssss

  8. Woman

    Woman Elite Member

    I have to say no becaues my plated lizards are really fast and if they get away then the dogs will eat them. Holly:rolleyes:
  9. Marine

    Marine Elite Member

    I let mostly all of mine, but my newest babies(the beardies & blue tongue) have some time out to stretch and get some natural sunlight at least once a week-when it's nice and warm out! And always under a very close watchful eye! My turtles have a 90 gallon plastic outdoor pond they get some time to play in occasionally. My snakes get to slither around the living room floor and outside some too, and my savannah monitor gets to go out for a little walk in the grass on a special leash. Marine
  10. Debbie

    Debbie Elite Member

    Yes our girls get free roam time each day. Miss Zak is first to roam and well she likes to roam around the bedroom and when it is nice outside, she loves to go into the back yard.

    Bam-Bam gets her time after Miss Zak. she likes the living room and the game room. When she goes outside she has to be harnessed.

    Debbie Miss Zak and Bam-Bam
  11. anolelover2

    anolelover2 Member

    i dont let kermit or skwirl out unless there on my shirt because being anoles the dart away very quickly but, i do let the snake outside in her play pen ( the lizards go outside too but only on a harness
  12. Redsrevenge

    Redsrevenge Elite Member

    Now that Heebeejeebee (CWD) is a bit bigger and more used to me, when she decides she wants to go on a little 'lizard adventure' and hops off of me when we're lounging, I don't necessarily chase her; she likes running around my room (usually making a full circuit before hopping into her cage again) and the living room, hopping from couch to couch to coffeetable :p But I do always keep an eye on her.

    When she's fullgrown, I'll give her even more freeroam. Unlike my mother's large house, there are no other pets in this small apartment (except for fish, which fascinate heebee, even though a) they're WAY too big for her to eat and b) Heebeejeebee hates eating fish:p )so it's a lot safer for her. Our main concern is that someone will step on her :p

    When she's in my room, she also likes to hop up to find the cricket cage. :p Tongue thunks against plastic... NOOOOOO IT'S NOT FAIR...

    I almost feel bad for her. I feed her about half as often as I used to because it seemed to me she was having trouble digesting. (Plus reptiles metabolize differently due to their "cold blood", but you knew that:p) ...then I look at how nice and plump she continues to be. Little punk.. if I leave the cage top open while I'm preparing her food, she'll leap out onto the dresserXD

    Gorgeous photographs everyone! Blackjack, that rainbow's incredible.
  13. IggySingh

    IggySingh Member

    Yes, Iggy Singh free roams when Su is home...

    which is most week-ends, and on a daily basis (Mon-Fri) from 5:30pm till about 8:30/9am the next day.

    from about 9am to 5:30pm she is in her 6 foot by 5 foot by 5 foot cage, absorbing unfiltered sunshine and fresh air (thank God for the tropics!) while Su works...
  14. Greg2k6

    Greg2k6 Elite Member

    I do, but only in my room.
  15. BRIZZY

    BRIZZY Banned User

    yes all my lil ones get roaming would you feel locked up all day??
  16. Dawg

    Dawg Elite Member

    put a big brick on the toilet some snakes have been known to go for the drain and end up drowning or escaping and dieing in the pipes
  17. bowzer

    bowzer New Member

    i let my baby water dragon out to roam but only when we are in and only in the 1 room after we have dragon proofed the room .it mostly runs around the back of the couch and sometimes likes to jump up onto our heads for a bit of relaxation time lol
  18. Dian_Wei

    Dian_Wei Active Member

    I my Iguana out a few days ago. Those little buggers get everywhere. Mine got into my bed and... well it stank anyway!!!!!!!
  19. ltemple

    ltemple New Member

    Iggy mostly stays in my room (he just has shelves, not a cage) and he pops downstairs every now and then. I would hate to cage him as big as he is.
  20. angelboa

    angelboa Elite Member

    We let our iggys free roam (I miss them) they were like having 2 more cats that could climb the brick wall around our fire place very well but we have never let our snakes free roam (at least not by our choice) shenzy our rtb broke the lid on her cage and got out for a few hours we found her in the top drawer of my 4 year olds dresser.
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