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Do Not Buy Reptiles From Petco!!!!

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by coreym1984, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. coreym1984

    coreym1984 New Member

    2 wks ago we purchased a red iguana from Petco. Poor guy was all by himself and once I saw how he was kept, I had to rescue him from there. He was in a 6ft tall 4ft wide aquarium which is a big size but there was 1 compact uvb bulb and 1 heat lamp. Both mounted 6ft above his head. He is maybe 8 months old. Anyways fast forward a few days......Once he got comfortable with his new environment, we took him out and noticed he has skin eating away under his front armpit and a black circle on his tail. We then got in touch with the store we bought him from and the manager said to take him to the vet and we will be reimbursed. Well we did and they got skin samples and sent then off to check for canv which is a very fatal skin problem going around reptiles. Mainly bearded dragons get it. Well we are awaiting the results later on in the week. Its just sad how poorly he was kept in the cage and it irritates me how they house reptiles but nobody in that store can tell you anything about them. Now the store manager is making us take him to their vet to get checked as well. Well i called to make an appointment and the girl told me they dont deal with reptiles but she made me an appointment anyway. So i then took this to their corporate office. I explained what was going on and all o was told was, the district manager will be in touch with you shortly. Well here we are the following day and nothing!!!! I own 5 snakes as well so you could say I am a reptile keeper. I just strongly recommend anybody to be aware that Petco does not take care of reptiles and needs to be stopped having them. The girl up front said "oh he's red but he's shedding into a different color" when we called and asked if they had any red iguanas. I just hope and pray he doesn't come back with canv. We've only had him 2 wks but he is part of our family. Please spread the word. Included is pics of his tail and armpit

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  2. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    I believe that is a green iguana (I could be wrong though). The black coloration on his head in the last picture is a sign of stress. He needs to be kept in the enclosure 24/7, under heat and UV at least until his treatment is started. What are the temps/humidity in the enclosure and how are you measuring them (digital or analog thermometer)?
    Can you post some photos of the whole enclosure?
    I'm sorry you are having this experience with Petco but it is not surprising. You need to get him into an exotic vet that has experience with reptiles. A mammal vet won't be able to provide the same treatment as a reptile vet.
    Have you read through our iguana caresheet? It is a very through rundown of their care requirements, including diet and husbandry needs.
  3. coreym1984

    coreym1984 New Member

    He has been taken to an exotic vet in Houston and they took samples of his skin that is infected and sent it off to be checked for canv. They think that's what it is. Now Petco wants me to go to their vet who knows nothing about reptiles or they won't pay for his treatment. I argued with the stor manager on the phone and told her the lady I talked to at their vet to make an appt said they don't look at reptiles but the Petco manager told me they do. His temp on warm side is @ 90-92 degrees and cool side @ 80. Humidity I keep @ 60 but exotic vet told me to let it drop cuz moisture makes fungus spread faster. Its measured digital and analog. I've had him just over a week so its not how I'm housing him. I own 5 snakes and have owned lizards before so I have experience in reptiles and do research all the time if I don't know something.
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  4. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    I would steer clear of petco's vet. I am not insinuating that you are the problem here or that your husbandry is what caused the skin issues. Sorry if it came off that way.
    I would keep him inside of the enclosure until the diagnosis has been confirmed and treatment is started. It is important that your iguana is able to maintain a stable body temperature while healing. On top of that the iguana is clearly stressed. A black iguana is not a happy iguana and considering his condition you should try to make his life as stress free as possible until he is a bit healthier.
    Good luck with Petco, let us know goes. I'm curious to see if they will reimburse you.
  5. coreym1984

    coreym1984 New Member

    Its all good, no worries. But here's an update......
    Well we drove across town to see "their" vet and just like the girl told us when we made the appt is they don't deal with reptiles. And Petco store manager told me they did and it was probably a new girl who told me that. So I wasted my time and stressed him out more. I called the store manager and had the doctor at that clinic tell her they can't do anything. So then he gives me the phone and the store manager says "well moving forward we can just refund you the $59 for him and you can give him back to us or I'll refund you and you keep him but you are responsible for future vet bills, whichever you decide!" I laughed and said he will not be returning to the horrible environment you guys had him in and die. If he's not gonna live much longer, you better believe he will live a great and happy life with me and not in your horrible enclosure. She admitted to me in these words "yeah I do realize our reptiles are housed improperly but I can't do anything because that's the way Petco wants it and they won't listen to me." So a STORE MANAGER at Petco ADMITTED they don't house reptiles in the way they should be kept. I REALLY want this to get out there so Petco can never sell or keep reptiles in their possession. I bet their dogs and cats are kept up like they should be!!!! I really don't like Petco anymore and have lost all respect for them. And she is sadly mistaken if she is gonna get out of any future vet bills.
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  6. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    The way they treat their reptiles is definitely unacceptable. I try to avoid petco/petsmart at all costs, even for dog food and treats. They are terrible companies.
    I hope you are able to get the money for his vet bills out of them.
  7. coreym1984

    coreym1984 New Member

    Yeah they reimbursed me for the first visit when I took him to an exotic vet who specializes in reptiles. That was cuz that Petco store manager told me to go take him wherever and she would pay me back. Well that got her in trouble so that's why we had to go to their vet who didn't know anything about reptiles nor had the equipment to diagnose anything with them. But now Petco is trying to get out of paying for any future bills because I am keeping him since they offered to refund me the cost of him and take him back. But that's not happening. And she can think they will get out of paying for his vet bills all she wants because that's not gonna happen. I'm gonna make this company pay for their ignorance with animals putting their lives in despair
  8. Ktgrandchamp

    Ktgrandchamp Member

    Email tell them your story and they will help you. We just got a blue iguana with worms from them and went through hell and back with them to get them to take care of their mistake. Good luck.
  9. fluffaloo

    fluffaloo New Member

    I know exactly what you mean. I got my little baby blue from petco near October. They were feeding her bugs and she was on the verge of metabolic bone disease. About 3in of her tail was black and all they had to say for it was "oh well we don't know what happened, want a new iguana?" Another problem was that within the week I brought my little Tsunami home the black part of her tail fell off and she lost a toe. It has been around 5months since I have got her and she is still only 4 1/2 to vent. My poor little baby I am so happy I got her in time, now she is in better conditions.

    By the way how is your little baby? Could you send some pictures? Oh and she (pretty sure its a girl but im not positive) is 100% red iguana.
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