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Dimitri Chillin

Discussion in 'Tegu' started by uvreptilenh, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. uvreptilenh

    uvreptilenh Well-Known Member

    Dimitri is a 10yr old Argentine tegu. He's got a part-time job as an "Animal Ambassador" for Upper Valley Reptile Group's educational programs.
    He spent the day on Sunday saying hi to people at the New England Reptile Expo in Manchester, NH and was a good boy pretty much all day (until about 2pm, then he had about enough and had to be put away so as not to cause too much ruckus)

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  2. arojas7112

    arojas7112 Established Member

    I've spoken to a friend of mine who lives in Lujan, Argentina and he told me unfortunately you see purses or belts made out of tegu skin. He said some people eat the meat also for their high protein. I'm not sure where the tegu population stands in Argentina, but it's just such a shame to know people do this to these beautiful reptiles. After having mine for some time, I don't think I could live without owning an Argentine tegu. Its amazing how docile and friendly they are. Even more so than my crested or leopard geckos.
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