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Dial Vs Digital Question. I Have Both.

Discussion in 'Product Questions' started by nikkistorms, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    Hey guys and gals. Got my Acu rite indoor/outdoor digital temperature and humidity with probe today. Got them set up in 3 of the 4 tanks. In my AFT's tank, I have the old dial temp and humidity ones too. I am leaving them in there to try and get an average, as well as for back up in case my batteries die. My question is this, Dial humidity says around 70%, digital says 54%. The temp dial says 70, digital temp says 75 and they are right next to each other... I am going to test it with a gun right now for temp but I am worried about the humidity... How do I know the digital one is right?
  2. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    Temp gun says 75, So I am lead to believe the digital one is right even on humidity?

    Put my flukers digital temp/humidity gauge says the EXACT same thing as the acurite. WOW that means these dials are at least 15degrees off?!?! I CAN"T BELIEVE MY EYES!!!! Should I throw them out or keep them for back up. not that backup would be accurate... I am so disappointed! WHY are people selling these?????
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  3. CentriRitanni

    CentriRitanni Elite Member

    Toss them. They sell them because people will buy them, but the analog are not as sensitive as the digital.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The problem with the dials is that they work by way of a metal spring that expands and contracts. This leaves them open to problems of metal fatigue, dust and corrosion. All of which can change the amount of tension the springs will have.
    People buy them because they are cheap and attractively packaged.
  5. casey15

    casey15 Elite Member

    Ditch the dials, they can be off be as much as 20 degrees, which can make all the difference for a happy vs not happy lizard. Use digital all the way, the best thing to use is a temp gun though, Pro Exotics has them for $30 but they're sold out now, most hardware stores have temp guns but the cheapest one is around $70.
  6. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    I do have a gun. I was asking about how to tell that the humidity was right. My temp gun doesn't do humidity.
  7. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    Thanks for the explanation. I'm glad I didn't buy any of those. They came with my cage sets I got. I love the acurites!!
  8. casey15

    casey15 Elite Member

    My bad, sorry. I didn't see the first post, I though second was the start of forum, got confused.
  9. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Happy to hear you went to digital :) That's why we're such advocates of them here on this site I think, another happy customer ;)
  10. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    no prob lol! It is easy to get confused on here lol...

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