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Deworming Cane Toad & Heating

Discussion in 'Toads' started by LindsayMak, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. LindsayMak

    LindsayMak Member

    Hello, All.

    I've had my cane toad, Remy, for about 2 months or so. Today while I was doing the daily change of his water bowl, I noticed a big poop and several wispy white things in the water which I assume are worms of some sort. I made an appointment with the appropriate vet for next week as she's at a conference this week. While I wait for his appointment I was hoping to educate myself a bit more of common cane toad parasites & treatment but am finding extremely limited information online. Does anyone here have some guidance?
    Also, I'm concerned about the temperature of Remy's enclosure. To avoid diminishing the humidity I've been using a heating pad under one side of his habitat. After about the first week here he migrated over to the cool side and burrows there during the day. It feels quite cool, though. I suppose if he wanted it warmer he would move, but for future improvements on his habitat would anyone be able to provide some suggestions on better heating that won't dry out the environment?


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