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Decorative leo habitat pictures or ideas please

Discussion in 'Cage Furniture - Accessories' started by geckogirl95, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. geckogirl95

    geckogirl95 Elite Member

    I need some good decorating ideas.
  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

  3. joeking

    joeking Elite Member

    Not fully decorative but since these things don't seem to get a whole lot of posts who knows it might give you some ideas

    So I have ceramic tile for the bottom with tissues in all the cracks so the mealworms do not hide. The left hand side has a uth and theres tin foil over the glass to distribute the heat a little better. There’s a probe that leaves the tank and wires back in and I put a hook to attach the digital thermometer on the right so Skittles has more places to walk. The left corner is her poop spot and I have boiled and baked beach rocks holding down paper towel. She loves hanging out in the tissue box She just hangs her head out most of the time to stare at everything. I ended up putting the tissue box on top of the moist hide just so she'd have more room to wander. The tree stump in the front is actually made out of alfalfa and honey and the mealworms can eat it. You can get it in the hampster section, it’s kind of neat. The calcium dish is on the left and the water bowl is on the right. There's also another mealy bowl that I didn't take out because she likes to sit and hide in it.
  4. Reptile Freak

    Reptile Freak Elite Member

    I know I'm going to get totaly hounded for this but i think my first choice in terms of naturalistic would be a desert substrate mix.
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