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Dark Puss Sores on Toads Head

Discussion in 'Toads' started by ToadOntarioCan, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. ToadOntarioCan

    ToadOntarioCan New Member

    My American Toad (or maybe fowlers) has developed two dark oozing sores in the past couple days.

    They are on the top of his head above the nostrils.

    They have only been there for about 2 days.

    Has anyone seen sores like this before?
    Or have any advise how to treat it?

    I gently swabbed away the dark puss, with a q-tip
    and applied polysporin (triple anti-bacterial, with no analgesic/pain killers)

    He occasionally try to jump at the glass but not very often, and he's not hitting where the sores are.

    Other info:

    Otherwise appears healthy.

    Active, hunts and eats anything put in front of him

    Diet: mostly store bough crickets, also worms, pillbugs, spiders

    20 gallon tank habitat.
    Very clean, distilled water in bowl, changed every 1-2 days
    no mold, or other insects living in the tank

    there is no light or heating pad
    temperature and humidity is room temp.

    attached 1 picture of his head before the sores appeared

    and two pictures of the sore as they are now

    thanks for reading

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