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Daily Care

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by SammieLee, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Ok I have read and read for a few months now and I think I have it all straight. We are going to pick out our little beardie on Saturday. My son will be so excited. I am making a care chart for him as he will be 9 on Sunday. I don't feel that is old enough to have to remember it all on his own but the deal was I would not have to care for the I am making a care chart so he can check off what he has done. :)

    I want to make sure I have everything so here is what I have on the chart...
    add fresh greens and water
    crickets at 9am
    crickets 1 pm
    crickets at 5pm dusted
    clean tank
    check temps

    He will have all the info on where the temps should be and what the beardie should eat. I will keep an eye on how many crickets as I know he is too young to remind me when to order more. Is there anything else I need to put on his care sheet??

    Thanks!! I have found this site so helpful in learning how to care for bearded dragons. I hope to have the tank set up Thurs. but it could be Friday. I am making a basking spot and I am in the middle of sealing it so I can not set the tank up yet. :) Will share pics when all set up.
  2. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Looks good, do you have the lights on a timer or will you be turning them off and on?

    You could also make a spread sheet on feeding and pooping, I keep one on weights in grams, date, age, Length Snout to Vent and Snout to Tail, and Girth. Comes in handy if you notice any changes you have something to fall back on.
    Also a print out of staple greens/veggies, feeders, and of course our caresheet. :)

    You sound like a great responsible parent who knows that this may be a pet for your son, but its also the responsibility of the parents.
  3. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, the only thing I would suggest is not to leave crickets in the enclosure overnight. I think when you get a few photos up of the finished tank it might be easier to offer more tips.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I applaud your attitude but have a serious question for you.
    If your son's attention wanes are YOU ready to take over caring for this animal for the next 15-20 years?
    Youngsters are frequently like a ball,.... bouncing from one interest to the next.
    We frequently get posts where parents got an animal for their child and something else sparked their interest and the parent got stuck with it.
  5. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    We will be turning them on and off for a few days but plan to get a timer soon. I was thinking on at 8 am and off at 8 pm.

    I thought about having him track what greens he feed and maybe how many crickets but never thought about poop tracking. I already have a print out of what the breaader dragon can and cant eat printed for him. I am making him a care binder :)

    I was not planing on leaving them in there over night. Will get pics. as soon as I'm done sealing everything.

    First off you have no idea how much thought I have put in to this. I am not one of those parents that buys my son whatever he wants. We have talked and talked about it and I know he is ready for a pet of his own. Cant you not tell I am going way over and above what most parents will do?? I know how kids can be and I would not be buying this for my son if I thought it would be a problem. Yes this is all he wants for his birthday but there are a lot of other reasons we are getting it for him. My husband and I feel like he is ready for this and know what we are getting in to. Thank you for you concern though..
  6. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    A care binder is nice but on the fridge you should have a checklist of food the dragon can be fed or (this is what I do) one drawer is dedicated to only the scraps and veggies used for reptiles. I take mine a step further and color code the Tupperware depending on what reptile eats it...but that's my OCD kicking in. Also the lights are usually better at a 630-630 plan as that's when a sun generally rises and sets. But you can just monitor the lizard to see when he gets up and goes to sleep. My CWD is always on his basking spot staring at my door waiting for me to turn his lights on at 530 and then is asleep by 715 and that's when I turn his lights off.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    SammieLee I was not tryng to offend you, only pointing out the obvious. Not only do I have children and numerous grandchildren, I have been doing this for a long time and I see the same scenario over and over and over. The child really wants it, and the parents are positive that their child will stick with it. This is fine until the next thing piques their interest, or they just get bored with it, or they grow up and discover the opposite sex, go away to college etc.
    I am not trying to discourage you just make sure that you are looking at the overall picture.
  8. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    I agree with Thalatte - a checklist on the fridge works great, especially if you find you have run out of the veggies you normally feed your beardie and need to go with an alternative.

    And yes, monitor your lizard to see what schedule works best for him. As long as you ensure a 12-14 hour light cycle, the on/off times don't matter too much. 8am and 8pm is a good start. My beardie's lights are on a 13 hour cycle, on at 8am and off at 9pm. I find this works well for him because that's when he naturally is awake. You may have to play with it a bit, but just watch to see when he looks ready to sleep, and check on him in the morning before the lights come on to see if he's awake sooner. If he's consistently awake/sleeping at different times than the timer, just adjust accordingly.

    Something else that could be fun (not necessary, just an idea) that could help your son bond long-term with the dragon is to have him take regular pictures of him to note his progress. Say once a week-every 2 weeks. It's another way he can track his growth and see the changes he's going through, and realize he's been there with him every step of the way. It could be a neat addition to his care binder. I personally do this with all my reptiles, and it's amazing to compare pics of them when they were young to pics of them now. Plus they grow up so fast... :)
  9. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I wish I had started a pic progress on all the animals I have taken in but I always end up saying oh I will do it later...then never do. Maybe you should do a set time once a week where you sit down with your son and ask about the dragon and if supplies are running low. Also use this time to thuroughly clean the cage and take pics of the beardie. I recommend Saturday nights as this would allow you to shop Sunday if supplies are really low.
  10. brooksy

    brooksy Elite Member

    I really like the picture idea that cassicat4 suggested.
    And I really appreciate the way you, SammieLee has planned to help your son learn all the proper steps to care for the bearded dragon. The more involved he is, the less likely that he will suddenly bail. I know that my parents made me really think fo taking on any new pets or any new activities and did not let me & my siblings quit on things, but tought us the importance of following through on the commitment we made. This is a lesson that I am grateful to this day to have been tought at a young age. I am sure your son will be grateful for all the thought you are putting into this with him in mind.
  11. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    No problem...We have looked at the overall picture. I have 4 kids and we are getting it for the oldest.... the next in line is in therapy. We have talked to his therapist about getting this for out oldest as well and she thinks it is a wonderful idea. My son is in this for the long term and is so excited.
  12. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Love the picture idea. Will have to do that. I know my son would love to have a record like this too look back on.

    The lights 8 to 8 is just our starting point. We will see what works best for the bearied and go from there.
  13. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Thats a good idea.
  14. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Thank you!! He is an animal lover so I am sure this will just be the first :) and I know he will take the best care of it.
  15. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Ok I add a spot at the bottom of his grid to write in what he feeds greens wise and to keep track of poop :) should he also track how many crickets??
  16. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    It's a good idea that way you can have a better idea of how much to order and when. It will also make it so that if he suddenly stops eating or cuts back on eating you will know.
  17. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member


    The grid I have been working on :)

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  18. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Seems fairly simple.
  19. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You might also include a place to record temperatures over the course of the day. Possibly during the feeding of the crickets.
  20. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Oh and the 1pm feeding is that feasible durin school?

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