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CWD Post Amputation Question

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by h20dragon2010, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. h20dragon2010

    h20dragon2010 Elite Member

    My water dragon had her tail amputated due to possible fracture which was believed to cause her health problems. I thought the tail might be regenerating as the surgery was done at least a couple months ago. She was on injections for a month to prevent infection and it was healing up nicely. Now what I thought looked like some kind of regrowth since it's healing so well (again or so I thought) it looks more like something might be wrong. It had a drop of something on the tip and when I wiped it, it was blood. The end of the tail has a large black bulb thing growing off of it. Does that sound normal for a CWD? It seems to be quite sensitive to the touch because when I barely touch the tip she snatches her tail out of the way. She even for quite some time has been carrying it lifted up in the air, even when she is just basking. I just thought it felt unusual to her to have the tail so short. She is eating well and soaking and basking and she is very active. Does it sound normal or could it be infection? I am getting a bit concerned.
  2. Dragonflies

    Dragonflies Banned User

  3. bucher70

    bucher70 Elite Member

    Is there any way she could have broken the site open on something, reptiles take a very long time to heal.

    A picture would help, but honestly, if you are concerned, you should call and talk to your vet.

    As far as I know cwd do not regenerate their tails when lost. Tail automy is not a defense mechanism they possess.
  4. h20dragon2010

    h20dragon2010 Elite Member

    I've heard different things about the tail regrowing and not so wasn't real sure. I didn't think it was gonna regrow all the way. I just thought this "new growth" was how it was healing. I'd heard someone say it would come back black and shorter and that's what it looked like it was doing. I can't imagine how she would injure herself now bc before when the injury happened she was still in a tank. Not anymore. I do have a pic on my phone but I need to find the cable to upload it to the computer. I texted it to my friend and she said it might be a blood blister. I'm going to call the vet Monday but am hoping for at least some kind of peace of mind til then. My concern came with the drop of blood and when I realized how sensitive her tail is. It didnt look infected to me at all or she would have been to the vet. I thought that was how it's supposed to heal. I'll post a pic when I can find the cable. I'll try to have it up soon. Thanks for all the info.

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