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CWD Help?!

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by uncertainsky, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. uncertainsky

    uncertainsky Elite Member

    The vet prescribed a liquid antibiotic for my Chinese water dragon. She started being very inactive almost a week ago. We noticed that she stopped eating and was keeping her eye closed. When we took her to the vet she said it was an ear problem. We are a little concerned because when we try to give her the meds she won't open her mouth and now has an area that looks a little sore. Does anyone have any ideas how to get her mouth open without hurting her? She also has been trying to open her eye but it is very swollen. We bought the zoo med repti turtle eye drops. Does anyone know what else I can do to help her?
  2. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    You can try putting the medication on her snout and see if she will lick it up. If not I have used a credit card to gently coax the mouth open just enough so I can get the meds in.
  3. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I use a credit card with tai. Wrap the CWD gently but firmly in a towel so they can't flail around and hurt themselves too much. Then take the corner of a credit card (that you have cleaned) and gently pry it in between his jaws.
    Tai has snout damage already so it is easiest for me to come in from the front/tip with the card and then put the meds in from the side.

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