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Cwd Eye Trouble

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by uncertainsky, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. uncertainsky

    uncertainsky Elite Member

    Ok before I start yes I've gone to a vet, 3 actually, the first only searched online for help the second fought with me because she thought my dragon was an iguana and the last just said here's eye drops and she'll be ok.

    I'm also reluctant to ask for help on here seeing how 99% of the advice given on here is "go to the vet" or "vet vet vet". So please help me with what you know no just say vet.

    Here's a brief on her condition. She's in a 3x3x3' quarantine tank with minimal branches and paper towels and water bowl. Still has uvb and heat and humidity are kept constant via hydrotherm at day: 87 bask: 92 night: 78 humidity: 70% ( normally its around 76-78 but I'm worried about respiratory issues so its a liitle lower right now). For 3 weeks she's been very lethargic and not eating much so she has been getting syringe fed almost everyday. Her eyes are swollen and full of eye boogers. She gets a bath twice a day and eye rubs( using wet cotton balls). Her current medication that we were told to give her is a shot under her skin every 72 hours and eye drops once a day.

    Its been 3 weeks now and if anything she's gotten a little worse. She has no known parasites or bugs no mbd and her blood and fluids are fine just showing she has an infection, which the shots are for.

    Today during her bath and eye massage a large white semi hard chunck of something came out of her eye.

    I'm going to start to look for out of state vets but until then please if anyone has dealt with sosomething like this please give me advice. I will try to get pics up soon.
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    What is the name of the medication she is being given?

    Can you describe her normal enclosure? And her normal routine?

    Did any of the vets take a swab of the gunk to run tests on to determine the type of infection?
  3. uncertainsky

    uncertainsky Elite Member

    Eye drops are ciprofloxacin and the shots are ceftezidime.

    Her normal enclosure is 5'x4'x7' with a 40 gal breeder tank for a pool on half the bottom the other half is eco earth for trees and about 2" of reptibark so the soil doesn't get to her( she rarely goes down there anyway). Multiple branches/ vines and platforms. And 3 zoo med t5 uvbs. Temps are the same as in her quarantine tanks minus a couple degrees(i wanted her to be a little warmer since shes sick) Daily diet was about 15-20 large crickets and 10-13 mealworms. Cal+d3 dusted 3 times a week. And multi vitamins twice a week.

    No because of course when she was at the vet her eyes were clear just swollen.
  4. Lyndsbelle

    Lyndsbelle Elite Member

    we had massive problems with the ecoEarth causing eye infections.
  5. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    CWD are extremely prone to substrate related eye problems. Even if the particles are "large" like bark, there may still be dust, or smaller broken pieces that can get in their eyes. There seems to be a magnetic attraction between CWD eyes, and dirt-like particles. While I despise the look of paper towels, or newspaper, it really is better in the long run.

    Most reptiles also need sufficient Vitamin A (beta carotene) to maintain good eye health (it helps with tear ducts, among other things, and deficiency of this vitamin is very common in captive reptiles.) Good sources are orange vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. You can get this to her 2 ways, either by gut loading her insect feeders with it, or using pureed baby food, and syringing it in.

    Did either vet take a culture to determine exactly what organisms were infecting your dragon? knowing the organism is half the battle. You can throw antibiotics around, but if they aren't the right kind, they won't do much of anything.

    I had to syringe feed my CWD for a long time when she was going through liver failure, and could not digest insect exoskeletons at all. My vet and I came up with a very good slurry mixture for her. What are you feeding her in the syringe? I'd be happy to share the recipe we came up with.
  6. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    She could have gotten a sliver or some other particle in his eye which couold have been the large white thing that came out of her eye. Unfortunately it seems to have progressed into an infection.
    In addition to the medicine that the vet gave you you should go get "turtle eye drops" they are just vitamin A drops that you can put in his eye to help him. The eye drops can be found at most pet stores.
    The major issue with cwd's eyes is that they dig with their heads quite a bit so it is easy for them to get junk in their eye.
  7. uncertainsky

    uncertainsky Elite Member

    Yea I have the turtle eye drops too(got it for my western box) I was giving my dragon one drop per eye once every 2 weeks since I got her to help with vit A problems as a preventative.

    But the semi hard white substance that came out of her wasn't from something that got in there I do not think because they have been coming out of her eye multiple times since she's been in the hospital tank and all that's in there is paper towels a plastic water bowl and branch. I guess its still possible.

    They did blood work fecal tests and some kind of oral swab test. They said there was nothing showing other than signs of her immune system in over drive.

    They also told me to stop giving the turtle eye drops and just use the ones prescribed to her, but I guess I'll give her both?
  8. uncertainsky

    uncertainsky Elite Member

    We got some powdered food from the vet some carnivore/omnivore mix plus I picked up some flukers carni/omni mix. I think its rept-aid but I'll check the names when I get home.
  9. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    NO if the vet said to stop the drops then I wouldnt give them to her.

    whats her water set up in her big cage?
  10. Carmor

    Carmor Elite Member

    We had a very similar problem but without the eye swelling. Charlie had a RI and eye infection. She was treated with antibiotic shots and various other meds over the course of about 6 weeks. She did not seem to be improving. I ran across a post of someone with eye issues so I suggested this to the vet and she agreed to give it a try as nothing else had worked up to this point. She prescribed Gentak ointment (only about $30) and after a couple days she improved and on Christmas morning she finally ate on her own. During the time she was sick we gave her warm baths with 1/2 Pedialyte and 1/2 water mixture and syringe fed her Reptiboost (careful not to make it too runny). It took her about 6-8 weeks to fully recover. During this time we added Arcadia bulbs and a fogger on a timer to help with the humidity. We also stopped using reptibark altogether and switched over to the terrarium liner and that is all we use. Can't say exactly what helped but she is better so just passing along anything that may help someone else.
  11. uncertainsky

    uncertainsky Elite Member

    Her water set up is a 40 gallon breeder tank with large river rocks on the bottom and large pieces of smooth driftwood and two large fake aquarium rocks so she won't drown and so she can easily climb in and out. Its filtered with the a pi nexx filter. There are no fish in it and I do water changes every two weeks.
  12. uncertainsky

    uncertainsky Elite Member

    And I'll check out that gentak. The pedialite sounds good. You think mixing her powder food with half water and half pedialite is a good idea?
  13. Carmor

    Carmor Elite Member

    I don't know if you could mix it with the pedialite or probably wouldn't hurt but I'd maybe check with the vet. We just mixed the reptiboost with water according to the directions on the box, it is a thickish mixture. We just used the pedialite/water mix to do the soaks in a couple times a day. The Gentax seemed to do the trick.
  14. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    One of my snakes is currently getting Gentak twice a day for an eye infection. The name of the drug itself is Gentamicin, the brand is Gentak. I do not know if other brands are available, but sometimes it helps to ask, as generics are usually cheaper than brand names.

    The name of the organism in his eye was pseudomonas. The vet actually cultured the pus from his eye - perhaps you can suggest your vet do the same? swab the eye, and see what is growing there?

    He is also getting his eye washed with Chlorhexadine, and is taking Baytril orally. I'm only saying these things for reference, and maybe to ask your vet if they would be appropriate.
  15. me0wth

    me0wth Active Member

    Hello guys! I know it's a month old thread, but I've just run into the same problem with my water dragon. He had an exact thing with his eye as uncertainsky described in very first post. Actually it was almost at the same time, and I was very confused about white chunks coming out, and could not find any information (or the same cases) on the forum.

    So I wonder do you have any updates on your water dragon's eye issue??

    I guess I will share my experience on that case. My water dragon (Zigmund) is about 22'' long and 160 gram (1/3 of a pound), usually being very active and always had good appetite. I have him for 1 year now and since then he gained twice as much weight and grew 4 inches longer, and he and his other buddy (Klaus) live in 4' x 4' x 2' self-built terrarium, where maintained proper temperature and humidity, they have 2 water pools (water changed every week in big one and daily in small one), we also use a carpet for bedding. So a month ago I've noticed he keeps his left eye most of the time closed, so I became concern about it, especially that I did not have a chance to visit a vet, I literally dug through the internet to find any information on what might be a problem. At the same time he lost his appetite and got not as active as he used to be. So anyway as I read about vitamin A deficiency I got that turtle eye drops and started giving him one drop every day. I also replaced UV bulb, as our old one was on for about 8 months and I figured its time to get a fresh new one. The eye itself did not have any artificial debris or scratches, eyelids looked somewhat puffy (swollen). I gave him that eye drops for one week as instruction directed on the bottle ( I did not want to over do and make things even worse), I did not see any improvements then, he kept is eye most of the time closed and mainly because it was dry shut, so I had to do a massage with wet cotton swab to make it open, otherwise the eye was very watery when open and every couple days I cleaned it from those white chunks, and also started to give him turtle eye drops again (every other day). I also force feed him with syringe with baby food (chicken), he seems to like it :D
    Right now the situation improved a lot, I don't want to say it is totally ok because I'm still watching his eye, but it does not look puffy or swollen, and he actually keeps it open, neither eye buggers nor big white chunks in there. But I am still wonder what that was and why!

    I also wonder what kind of baby food is better to feed them?
    Dragoness, you said you know some good mixture for force feeding, can you share the recipe please?

    Oh, here is a picture of that white stuff in the eye for reference, I cleaned it with a cotton swab moistened with turtle eyes drops.

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