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cricket cleaning

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by Kachina, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Kachina

    Kachina Elite Member

    I caved and bought that Kritter Keeper with the tubes for crickets. My son put a piece of papertowel down to make it easier to keep clean. My husband told him to take it out because they hide under it. Is there something else we can do instead? It is a minor thing, but I would rather not fight over things like this with hubby. :)
  2. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    I dont see a prob with the paper towels...they will also hide in the the hubs gonna take those out too hahahaha?? at night the crickets will move worries.....
  3. iam_a_legend06

    iam_a_legend06 Well-Known Member

    bugger it but you will have the problem of crickets eating the paper towel wich has no nutritional value for your reps amphibs
  4. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    You can use saran wrap to cover the bottom. It will stick to the sides a bit so the crickets won't get underneath.
  5. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    I don't see any need for the paper towel and side with your hubby on this one. It is actually easier to clean without the paper towel. As mentioned, they are hiding under it. that isn't really an issue but those crickets are aslo defecating under it. so basically, you have to toss the papertowel out and replace it but you also need to clean the floor beneath the papertowel since they are using that for the bathroom as well.

    You may as well toss the papertowel and only clean the bottom. lol

    Also, you will want to keep the tubes in there since the point of them is both a place for the crickets to hide, but it also make removing the crickets extremely easy. Simply put a sandwich bag (or ziplock) in the tank and shake a few in from the tubes.
  6. TheGreenMan

    TheGreenMan Elite Member

    i have this cricket keeper and i dont use paper towel like rich said its easier with out it. and i found that with a paper towel more crickets died before i used them. and to get them out i just tap a few out into my hand and that works out for me. instead of trying to get a zip lock in there with out the other crickets trying jump on for the
  7. Kachina

    Kachina Elite Member

    Ok, I was just not sure the thing would ever be empty. I suppose we can store the extras in the tubes while cleaning? I just cleaned the old KK out to bring the new leo home. It wasn't that difficult. Although I shouldn't be the one doing it!

  8. TheGreenMan

    TheGreenMan Elite Member

    i usually wait till i get more crickets then i dump the old ones out and wash then put the new ones in. sometimes i put peices of egg crate in to the crickets like it for some reason.
  9. kelly

    kelly hi!

    I think I have seen this at the PetSmart. Do you shake the crickets out thru the tubes? I have my crickets in a little plastic box that we got at the beach with a hermit crab. But I have to open the whole lid to shake out the crickets. I love my new leo gecko but to tell you the truth the crickets REALLY gross me out. I can't stand the thought that one might get on me or even worse get loose in the house. I may go pick this cricket keeper up this weekend if you can shake them down the tube!
  10. Kachina

    Kachina Elite Member

    The crickets do go in the tubes. We could not seem to catch them otherwise. My son started dumping the whole bag from the store into his anoles tank instead of trying to pick them up. Often he would kill the crickets trying to grab them with the tongs.

    If you have to many you can lay the tube into the tank and they will go in. Well none of his have so far. We are trying to leave it tilted instead of laying down. In the anole tank they have several places to hide already.

    I tried doing this thrifty. I bought the small Kritter Keeper and made a tube from a cut and taped toilet paper tube. I shoved and taped towel down one end to block it. Then I tried darkening a tube from my oldest son's syringes. My son would not use either of them. I was afraid the poor anole would be eaten alive so I caved in. We also bought that gel stuff for water. The tubes come with extra caps. About the size of a bottle cap to put food and water/gel into. We feed them hermit crab food.
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