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Crested Gecko Help- A Few Q's

Discussion in 'Geckos - Other' started by LizKat, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. LizKat

    LizKat New Member

    I have a small CG in a 10g flipped on its side (modified to be stable and safe). I don't know how old he is bc I got him at PetSmart in November but if anyone could tell based on size he was the size of my pinkie when I got him and now he's the size of my ring finger (about 3.5 head to tip of tail). He hasn't shed yet and I've never seen him go near his feeding ledge, but he poops so I guess he does in fact eat. I spray once heavily at night and lightly in the morning, but the humidity never gets lower than 40% and that's if I'm late to spray at night (I aim for 8 because that's when the night light turns on but life happens). Is this normal???

    I also never see him any higher than 12 inches above the ground. I turn the lights off in my room about the same time as his night light turns on so it's not like he thinks its still daytime. When I hold him I sometimes let him crawl/jump off my hand onto a leaf toward the top or on the thermometer ledge an inch from the top but he never stays up high for more than 5 minutes. He has plenty of leaves and vines so he couldn't be bored. When he's awake he loves to hang out by his water bowl on the ground and I'd upgrade him to a 20g long when he gets a little bigger but I don't see the point if he isn't gonna go in the top half of it. If he likes being lower to the ground could I turn the tank on its side (back to a normal 10g) and give him more floor and vines to climb horizontally??? I really don't understand why he doesn't like being up high like the last one I had and every single website/care sheet out there says they do.

    1 last thing- how do I make him more comfortable around me and less jumpy?
  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Not going into the upper parts of the cage could be a sign that it is warmer than it prefers higher up. Also, I can guarantee that it has shed, but they eat their shed so you normally won't see any evidence of it unless you catch it in the act. Also, they tend to be more nocturnal, so it may be all over the cage when the lights go out. And yes I would go ahead and upgrade cage size, if conditions within the cage are right most reptiles will use every bit of space we give them. I would take a look at the exo-terra cages with the swing doors, I like the 18"x18"x24". Give them plenty of room and allows you to add a lot of decor, like plants and branches and what not.
  3. matthewgroskopf

    matthewgroskopf Active Member

    Cresties usually aren't too good with handling since they jump everywhere, but once they realize you're not a threat they'll calm down, i'd limit handling.

    Do you have a heat lamp? What are your temps? Cresties generally don't need a heat lamp or even UVB, unless its cold for the winter or you're not meeting the right temps.

    please send pics of your setup.

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