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Discussion in 'Invertebrates General' started by tg_larry, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. tg_larry

    tg_larry Elite Member

    Hey I seen a pumpkin crab at a petstore a while ago and my weekly visit back to the petstore and the crab was gone.

    I never really got a chance to look at it it looked orange and purple. Neat colors. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about them.

  2. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Although I've ever heard the name "pumpkin crab" used before, Im pretty sure what you saw was a rainbow land crab. They also go by halloween crab, patriot crab, and soapdish crab (the latter two being names invented solely by the pet trade and should not be used). The scientific name is a bit confusing. There are several species that share the appearance and common name, but some of these scientific names may be old and new names for the same species. Gercarcinus/Gecarcinus quadratus and Cardisoma/Cardiosoma armatum appear to be the most often seen, but I've also seen Gercarcinus ruricola, Armatum garcarrcims, and Potamon anomalous in use.

    Armatum garcarrcims is native to Africa, and also goes by Nigerian moon crab, soapdish crab, and African rainbow crab. Cardisoma/Cardiosoma armatum is apparently the same species, though I don't know which name is correct. Gercarcinus/Gecarcinus quadratus is supposedly native to Costa Rica and is best known as the halloween crab. Gercarcinus/Gecarcinus ruricola is better known as the Indonesian land crab, and contains far more red and far less purple, but still goes by the name halloween crab on occasion. Potamon anomalous I've seen used only once, and therefore doubt it's reliability. Potamon is a legitimate crab genus though, but I don't recognize the species.

    Like fiddler crabs, these land crabs still rely on access to water in order to survive. You can easily keep one in a 10 or 20 gallon aquarium, but it's recommended you only keep one, as they can be territorial.

    Use washed playsand as the substrate, and pile it 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) deep at one half of the tank, then letting it slope to just an inch or two at the other end. The shallow end will obviously be where the water goes. You may wish to use some driftwood or rocks to help hold the sand back and create a more effective bank. Just be sure the crab can easily make it to and from the water, and that no rocks will roll over on top of him.

    If you can maintain the temperature of the tank at about 70-75 degrees F (20-23 degrees C), then you shouldn't need any additional heat sources. If you do decide to use one, either an UTH, heat pad, or a heat lamp of some sort will do. It's also been suggested that these crabs can benefit from UVB lighting, so a fluorescent UVB tube may be a good idea. Treat the water with Stress Coat, Reptisafe, or some similar product and a small filter is recommended, as long as it doesn't create too much turbulence.

    Back when I kept crabs I'd feed them all sorts of stuff. They're omnivorous so take advantage of that and offer some variety. Hermit crab food, dead crickets or mealworms, fish food, krill, dead fish, and pieces of fruits and vegetables will be taken easily. Just be sure to remove uneaten food to keep bacteria from building up in the tank. I also recommend you keep a portion of cuttlebone in there at all times. Crabs have a high calcium requirement and having access to cuttlebone will let them get as much as they need whenever they want.

    Rainbow crabs are a burrowing species, so you should be able to watch him creating his own burrow in the sand. For this reason, keep extra clutter to a minimum. You don't want to take up room that he could use for burrows, and you don't want any decor collapsing on top of him as he burrows under it. Your crab will also most likely molt in his burrow, so be sure the sand is moist and packed down so he can create stable burrows.

    Anyway, that's pretty much the care of rainbow crabs in a nutshell, lol. Now I need to go back to work :(
  3. tg_larry

    tg_larry Elite Member

    I remember now halloween crab. Well I guess pumpkin crab is kinda close. LOL. I plan to get one in the near future after the proper research and supplies bought. Thanks alot Furryscaly you are always dependable for my questions. Have fun at work and don't feel bad I have to go in about 20 minutes.
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