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Corn Snakes Mouth Hanging Open

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by bsteeleo13, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. bsteeleo13

    bsteeleo13 Member

    My corn snake's mouth is hanging open on one side of her head.But when I touch her it closes back up like normal.She is in shed,and she just ate 2 mice two days ago.There is no sign of a respitory infection,but I do hear her breathing is a little funny,as if there is mucus in her airways.Please help and try and tell me what is wrong with her.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    How can you say that? What you are describing can be signs of a RI! Although there could be other things.
    How are you housing the snake? In detail!
    A photo of the snake and the enclosure will be useful.
  3. bsteeleo13

    bsteeleo13 Member

    Then how do I treat it,do I just change up her environment and it will go away,or do I need to go to a vet who can treat her ?
  4. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    You would need to see a vet.
    Can you give a rundown of her enclosure? What are the temps and humidity, how are you measuring them? What type of substrate do you have?
  5. bsteeleo13

    bsteeleo13 Member

    I have her on aspen.And I have her on a 60 watt heat bulb,but I don't really have a thermometer/barometer to measure her temprature and humidity(a shame on my part).But other than that its a fine setup(kept clean,large),if I had to pinpoint a problem with my setup it would probably be the temprature.
  6. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    With any cold blooded animals the proper temps are the most important thing. Walmart sells thermometers in the thermostat isle for under $20 (make sure it's digital to get a proper reading). RI's are something that requires a Vet visit, the sooner you get him in the cheeper it will be and the better survival rate. Waiting too long with something like this can be fatal.
  7. Precia

    Precia Active Member

    What size is this enclosure? How big is the snake? Have you seen a vet yet? Is she doing any better?

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