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Corn Snake Trying To Eat But Dosen't

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by JRev, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. JRev

    JRev New Member

    Hey All,
    Our otherwise perfectly healthy Corn Snake has recently started having trouble eating.
    We put him in a separate feeding bin for his meals so he does not accidentally ingest bedding, and my husband fed him the other day, but when he went back to get him, he said there were blood splatters from the mice (dead thawed), but that the mice were still there. He tried again and the same thing happened the next day. Same size mouse, and definitely time to feed him.
    Any help or advice welcome.
    Thank you
  2. AlltheSneks

    AlltheSneks New Member

    It's been a little while since you posted this, but I'm gonna see what I can do. First of all, how old is the snake and how long have you had it? I would also suggest watching the snake eat and trying to see the problem yourself, though if you do this you will have to stay still and try to avoid being a distraction. If the snake is any form of amelanistic, whether full albino or just amel, (basically if it has red/pink eyes), it could be their sight degrading, as they usually don't have the best sight to begin with. They could be attempting to eat the mouse sideways, which my amel corn often tries to do, though he eventually corrects himself. Also, if you have recently increased the size of the mouse, they may be having a hard time getting their mouth around it. If this is the case, I would suggest simly using more of the previous size. Even if you haven't recently changed their size, if you still can't solve it, I might suggest reducing the size of the mice. Sorry if this is too late and/or irrelevant. Hope I could help!

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