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Corn Snake Injury HELP

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by staceface45, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. staceface45

    staceface45 New Member


    So my baby corn snake (9 months old) had recently had a bad shed which I took her to the vet for a few weeks later. She had some strangulation on the tip of her tail and was about to shed again, and I didn't want her tail to fall off. She also had some flaking near her bottom half which the vet said to soak her and gently rub away the flakes. She also gave me some antibiotic cream for her tail. So, I took her home and soaked her and gently rubbed the flakes away which was fine. Then, she started rubbing herself on everything like she was about to shed (it was about time) and so I put her in her viv to let her shed. Well, after I checked on her an hour later, she had not shed, but had rubbed her bottom half completely raw. Like she rubbed it until she scraped it.

    So, I took her back to the vet, which she said it was just from her rubbing too hard to get the shed off and to put the cream on her every day. Okay, so I did that every day. A few days ago a little black spot appeared on her injury which I didn't know what it was. A day later she had about 6 of these. I emailed the vet (again) and he said that it was pinpoint bruising. A few days later and she has a LOT of these little black dots and now she isn't eating and I'm super worried.

    She's pooping and drinking a lot of water perfectly fine. She's also acting normally apart from the fact she isnt eating. I've continued to apply the cream every day and switched her to newspaper/paper towels.

    Does anyone know what is going on/ what I should do? She's my baby girl and I'm just so worried :c (I've had her ~2 months)

    20 gallon viv
    warm side : 83-87 f
    cool side : 68-75 f
    humidity: 45%
    She's on f/t fuzzies

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  2. staceface45

    staceface45 New Member

  3. musical2one

    musical2one Member

    Can you post a picture of your enclosure set up? what do you have for substrate?
  4. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    I would put her on paper towels, remove any hides/décor that have rough edges, and soak her in betadine(pick up at any pharmacy and mix it with warm water until it is the color of tea). Make sure her enclosure is very clean. It looks like it will repair its self in a few sheds.
    You can also use polysporin(with no painkillers that kind is toxic to reptiles)

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