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Copperheads Everywhere

Discussion in 'Venomous Snakes' started by Barney Fife, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Barney Fife

    Barney Fife New Member

    We live out in the country in Garner, NC. Three nights ago, my wife saw a baby copperhead squashed in the driveway. I had her take a pic and send it to me and yes, it was indeed a copperhead.

    Two nights ago, we walk out there so can she can show me the flat snake. While looking at it, I notice movement about ten feet away and sure enough, another baby copperhead sliding away in the driveway. Its been unusually cool hear lately and my guess is the driveway was the warmest spot since the sun had been down for over an hour.

    Tonight my son goes to take the trash out. He immediately comes back in and says there's a baby copperhead in the garage. Dang!

    That's three baby copperheads in four nights. From what I can research, there's most likely a few more.

    We have a large woodpile in the back of the property. At least 200' from the garage and 400' from where the first copperheads were found.

    1. Do you think the babies would have gone that far? In other words, what are the chances that that's where they were born?

    2. Do you think mama is around or do copperheads move on? (Unless the woodpile is her home.)

    3. What other areas are likely for a copperhead to have her babies? I have mulch in my garden beds and of course, plenty of shrubs. But it seems every time I see a copperhead, its in the woods and usually in some pine straw area.
  2. Jacob Eddy

    Jacob Eddy Active Member

    You should call a snake person because copperheads are very venomous. I say leave them alone until the snake guy gets there. Be safe!

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