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Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by Jdintexas, May 22, 2014.

  1. Jdintexas

    Jdintexas New Member

    I have a "California" desert tortoise I acquired from a licensed captive breeder about 10 years ago, he was about 2 yrs at the time. Presently it is about a foot long, six or eight pounds. A couple years later, an older sulcata came my way wandering loose in the desert... Assumed to have been an escaped or abandoned pet. Don't know the age but it is around two foot long, eighty pounds. Both live outdoors year round, first in Arizona and now in Texas and both are sturdy and healthy. I have always kept them separate because I was worried about compatability due to size and species difference. The sulcata yesterday pushed itself into the smaller tortoise's pen. There does not seem to be any stress or drama between the two, they wer both huddled up in the same doghouse tis morning... But I need some input as to wether I should take out the small fence separating them and allow them cohabitate in one large pen or if I should keep them apart. By and large they seem pretty ambivalent towards one another, but I don't want either to get hurt.

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