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Columbian Tegu Poop? An Other Health Concerns. I'm Worried About Him. Help?

Discussion in 'Tegu' started by Hkg, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    To start off I'm sorry for this bein so long.
    Okay so I have owned Harper for two weeks now. I haven't really been too worried about his health (I monitored it and didn't see anything wrong). He use to be active from what I know of. I went to school but when ever I got back I could tell he had moved around. Or my dad said he checked on him and he was basking. Yesterday was my last day of school so I got home and he was basking so my sister who was baby sitting two little kids insisted they watch me feed him (he didn't eat that morning because it was early in the morning. So I fed him and me my little brother, my sister, and the two kids watche him (I didn't want to stress him out with so many people around) so that was at about 3 pm then he went into hiding. He stayed in that same place all night and all today. Which I thought was weird. Normally I think he moves regularly. I think it might be because my sister is kind of loud and so is my brother. So my noise (I'm not super loud just when I walk past his cage the glass rattles) mixed with theirs might of scared him. But I'm not sure. So today I took him out at around 5. I put him in the bathroom and he would stand still and watch me then move and if I moved then he would stop etc.. Then he took a dump in front of me which kinda looks weird. I'll go into more detail later. So I wiped that up and then he got really flighty again (first time I had him out he climbed up my should and jumped to the counter top so I grabbed him and secured him. This time he tried to jump over the barrier I had in front of the toilet (a shelf from book shelf) and tried jumping on the door and stuff. So I fed him. I offered ground turkey and a frozen thawed fuzzy mouse. He ate barely anything (just a small amount of ground turkey) then went back to running around. So I picked him up and put him in his cage. He went straight into his hide box. I don't know why but I'm worried about him. I'm always worried about him.

    His poop kind of had red looking stuff in it. I could be over reacting like usual but id
    rather be safe than sorry. I would more than willingly take him to the reptile vet but for some reason I don't trust mine very much. Other vets are like over twelve to fifteen hours away (Boise and Seattle) and I'm 15 so I can't make that trek (I was suppose to have my license but got bad grades so I can't, and my parents won't drive me there. And I feel that's a long journey for him.

    So what's your advice?! Don't say I need to do more research (I will on the poop) because I have done lots (a year or two) I'm just worried like always.....

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  2. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    How is he supposed to get settled in with that much noise and glass shaking. He is probably scared to death. He needs to be moved to an area that has little traffic.

    Don't know about the poop, but I would guess parasites if it has red in it. Most tegus are wild caught or farm bred. Without being sure it's purely a guess.
  3. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    Re: Columbian Tegu Poop? An Other Health Concerns. I'm Worried About Him. H

    There isn't much noise at all. I made it sound like a lot, but it really isn't. My sister an brother are only here for those two days (gone now) and I'm fixing the glass so it won't rattle. And I don't walk past his cage very much.
  4. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Re: Columbian Tegu Poop? An Other Health Concerns. I'm Worried About Him. H

    1 - you have had him 2 weeks, and as near as I can tell, he has been handled at least to some degree in that time. He needs to settle in. Right now, as far as the Tegu is concerned, you are a giant predator, swooping in to pick him up and carry him off, hence his flighty response to you. You need to let the interactions be on his own terms.

    The red poop could be something as simple as something he ate coming out the same color as it went in - that does sometimes happen, and it could just be stress.

    Do something about the rattling glass, stop handling, and limit interactions to basic husbandry for a few weeks. He should come around. Reintroduce handling slowly and gently, and in small session - and always leave on a positive note. If you get to the point where the lizard feels the need to flee, you have gone too far, and will only stress him more.

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