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Colors Under Throat

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by desirose01, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. desirose01

    desirose01 Active Member

    Are the colors under the throat any indicator of sex? My CWD is only 14.5" long, but he already has a brilliant array of colors under his throat. i compared him to my coworkers CWD which is 14" long, and her's has absolutely no color under the throat. We also compared femoral pores, and while mine have not darkened, you can visibly see them, and on my coworker's CWD, you have you have to strain your eyes to see them. Do females get as many colors under their throats as males do?
  2. DimitrisDaisy

    DimitrisDaisy Elite Member

    Females are comparatively duller.

    You may be seeing signs of sexual maturing for sure, but not on the scale of an adult.

    He's a bit like a teenager at this point :p

    Mine has started to develop femoral pores, and he's 12 inches now.

    Wish I could see some colors on him, but he's almost always brown!
  3. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Sort of like this?


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  4. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    @ cslammon
    Yoshi is just one handsome looking Water Dragon!:x great closeup photo
  5. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I need to take some new pics, he's HUGE now. I haven't been on in a while. Sorry to hijack your post!
  6. desirose01

    desirose01 Active Member

    He is getting all of those colors! I just didnt know if females got colors like that. He is gorgeous. I cant wait for my lil guy to get bigger. Im so impatient!

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