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Colorado Fires

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Medium, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Medium

    Medium Elite Member

    Heard that Tales and Scales in Coloradosprings is taking reptiles in the evacuation zone. It is nice that even the reptiles have refuge! (I will keep mine with me if the evacs get any closer) what a great thing to do for our reptiles!
  2. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Glad to hear it! Hopefully they don't end up being evacuated either. Are you close to being evacuated?
  3. Medium

    Medium Elite Member

    I still feel pretty good? I am 10 miles away from the mandatory evacuation. This one is getting worse then last years Waldo Canyon fire. Only this one is much closer to me. Our mail service has been shut down. With the miles still big enough apart, I have high hopes they will not spread the evacuation so close I have to pack up :)
  4. methos75

    methos75 Elite Member

    So glad I moved
  5. Ieasa

    Ieasa Elite Member

    I am so happy to hear that they have a place for reptiles to evacuate.
  6. Medium

    Medium Elite Member

    Colorado has been one of the worst for these things. Waiting for day break. Looks like we will not know more till then. Still feeling pretty good. (Hubby said I can't bring them all with us...I said "Watch Me!")
  7. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    I keep forgetting you live in Colorado, just like me.

    You know it's rayher unfortunate because these fires are almost an exact year after the Waldo Canyon... and just like the Flying W this one is taking out the Royal Gorge.

    My mom is a DON for Lifecare (old folks home) and she had to take a bunch of evacuees from a different center into her building. This fire business is **** on wheels as I'm sure you're quite aware.
  8. Medium

    Medium Elite Member

    We should be clear, some evacuees have been let back in. The Waldo Canyon fire was awful (my husband had to valuate all the damage. and will have to do so again with this one.) He will be tired by the time they reach the last house!

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