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Climbing for Aging Iguana-HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'Cage Furniture - Accessories' started by jeniremi, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. jeniremi

    jeniremi Member


    I adopted a 13 year old female iguana and she has trouble climbing. The enclosure is all plexiglass and there is nowhere to attach anything (please see attached photos for reference) She came with a cork-like log that is about 5 ft long, but she has trouble clinging to it and it is not sturdy....It just leans against the wall rocks. She basks at the top and I've been picking her up and placing her on the top rocks, so she can get her proper lighting/heat.

    I've been searching online and can't find anything. I want to make her enclosure as safe, secure and comfortable for her as possible.

    I can't think of a way to attach anything to the plexiglass that would be sturdy enough for her to climb. I see stuff with suction cups, but know that they would not work. Today I put her up for basking and she refused. Now she is hiding in her box and I feel so bad. I don't know how she survived at the pet supplies store she lived for 10 years. The encloser is zoo grade and beautiful, but not functional for her aging body.

    I am not mechanically inclined, nor handy, so building something would be something I've never done. However, my boyfriend could build if that is what is needed. I would also buy anything she needs.

    I would also like to have a large basking shelf for her to lay on comfortably and feel safe and not the wall rocks she barely fits on.

    In short, I need a ramp that leads close to the top of her 7ft enclosure with a large comfy basking shelf.

    Can anyone help PLEASE??

    Thanks in advance,


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  2. jaydsr2887

    jaydsr2887 Elite Member

    To attach anything all you have to do is use aquarium grade silicone or a nut and bolt..... Also if you are dealing with a senior iguana you may have to look into building a custom cage made for a special needs iguana that is accustomed to his/her needs... If she is having trouble climbing up the logs and stuff, maybe look into making a/the cage with a series of shelves or ramps or something like that..... And check the UVB bulb as if it is over 6 months old it needs to be switched and may help her/him out as he can/may be suffering from a mild case of MBD.... Just some suggestions....
  3. jeniremi

    jeniremi Member

    Thanks so much for your suggestions....We are talking about how to "fix" the problems right now.

    She just fell off of the highest rock and I feel so awful. I checked her out with a flashlight all over and took her out to make sure she walked okay and everything seems to be fine. I've done extensive reading/research and read they can usually handle a fall, but because of her age, it worries me.

    I've only had her 3 days and she did fine at the pet store for all those years.

    I thought of wrapping some rope around the log so she can grip and my bf said he would attach/bolt large wood "shelves" on top of the styrofoam rocks (using the rocks as a support) to the back wall (which is made of a fake wood-like manmade material) that she can bask and are large enough for her. Also attaching some kind of ramps to the basking shelfs?
    We are also considering hanging the lights from the top of the enclosure, so they hang down lower. Not too low or too close where she could get burned.

    She has all new lights and thanks for the reminder in case they were old.

    Now, she's on the floor by her hiding box sleeping.

    Few good "firsts" happened today; she ate a bunch, took a bath, got to go outside, we "cuddled", she explored the house and she pooped for the first time since she's been here :)

    Again, thanks for replying and hope to talk soon.

    Have a great night!



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