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Chinese Water Dragon Enclosure

Discussion in 'Enclosures' started by katpyropixie, May 28, 2014.

  1. katpyropixie

    katpyropixie Member

    Daily water change and got a nice view while the flexiglass is out haha so just thought I'd see what all you lovely people thought of my custom made cwd enclosure. It measures 4ft wide, 5ft high and 2.5ft deep.

    Alot of hard work, love and care has gone into this so I'd really appreciate the feedback :)


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  2. SebsExotics

    SebsExotics Member

    Nice enclosure! Is that a good footprint for a full grown dragon?
  3. katpyropixie

    katpyropixie Member

    Well because I've got a male and female they will have a 6ft by 6ft when they're fully grown because they need the space. But for one dragon I would think a 5 x 4 would be okay. As long as there's plenty of space to climb and lots of things to do.
  4. jaydsr2887

    jaydsr2887 Elite Member

    i like it alot but only two thing i see that will need changed, 1. the light bulb needs a cover on it to protect the dragon from getting too close and burned...... and is it a Mercury vapor bulb and if not you nee to get them a UVB light..... and 2. the water tub needs to be bigger and deeper, maybe when you set up the adult enclosure you can supply a 2-4 gallon aquarium....
  5. katpyropixie

    katpyropixie Member

    I know it does still need a cover. Waiting for pay day so I can order it :) no its not its a uvb strip light and the water tub is 2ft wide and about 6th inches deep. My dragons can swim in it and submerge themselves. I will be extending down to make the via bigger and will have an aquarium in there when they are adults but for now they're happy as Larry :) glad you like it!
  6. katpyropixie

    katpyropixie Member

    Oh and no its not a mercury vapour bulb its a 100w basking spot bulb. I personally would never use one. And the uvb strip light is a repti glo 5. Humidity is at 75-80 and temps are 80 hot side and 78 cool side. With an 83 basking spot :)
  7. jaydsr2887

    jaydsr2887 Elite Member

    yeah getting aquariums are a great idea as they usually like to swim deep, i wish i had a pic of my friend's water dragon enclosure, he has a 150 gallon at the bottom of his with a bunch of guppies and his dragon enclosure above it with a turtle dock at the top of the aquarium to make it easier for the dragon to get up out of it, but the line between the enclosure and tank are cammoflaged and you cannot tell they are combined and it just looks like a jungle sitting ontop of you common fish tank.... so if you walk in and see the dragon swimming around people are like whhhhhaaaatttt.....?
  8. katpyropixie

    katpyropixie Member

    Wow that sounds amazing!!! I'd love to be able to have an aquarium like that at the bottom of my viv. Maybe one day! One day!

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