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Chinese Tree Dragons Keep Dying

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by justinturner, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. justinturner

    justinturner Member

    hi guys, this is my first post here. I am trying to figure out what exactly is going on with our tank.

    we have a huge, approximately 300 gallon tank with a waterfall, two heat rocks, plenty of vines and branches as well as a fogger.
    We have a uv light recommended from the reptile store we bought the tank from and a basking light as well as two heat rocks.

    we have two water dragons, one chinese, one australian, and one chinese tree dragon at this point. All of the lizards we've had have died over the last year, except for the chinese water dragon. The deaths are mostly tree dragons from what some have told us is coccidia. it is usually a distended belly but sunken in everywhere else.

    I fish out feces from the water every day and remove dead bugs and feces throughout the tank but cant for the life of me figure out how this one lizard is healthy as can be but the others are getting sick and dying.
  2. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    the seemingly healthy lizard can be a carrier of the disease yet show no is best to house him by himself anyways as housing so many animals together can cause stress and territorial aggression.....get rid of the heat rocks, they are dangerous and can over heat and burn your animals.
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    ditto, on the above!

    Keep him in his own enclosure, they don't get as large as the water dragons, there is probably a territory issue going on. A stressed dragon is going to get sick! Japalura splendid are insectivores!
  4. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    And besides the tank size, list out all the other facts on their housing. Particularly heat and uvb.
  5. bucher70

    bucher70 Elite Member

    Have you had any of these animals to the vet?
    Coccida can be tested for with a fecal smear performed by said vet. This way the animals can be treated correctly. Sanitary conditions are paramount in eliminating fecal parasites. Just removing feces isnt enough. You need to isolate the animals from eachother until a negative fecal comes back.
    There are other diseases that can infect your animals, this is why a vet visit is so important. You cant treat properly without knowing for sure what the cause of the illness is.

    Tree and water dragons are almost always wild caught, so parasites running wild is highly likely.
    Bottom line, you need to seek veterinary attenton, please.
  6. justinturner

    justinturner Member

    The chinese water dragon has been to the vet for an eye problem about a year ago. the vet had already had a file on him and said he was fine. The other lizards have not been, but we will take them in a few days (these visits are expensive!) when we get the funds to do so.

    As far as the territorial aspect, it seems unlikely. the tank is so huge they never have to see each other and we often find the tree dragons basking in a piggy back position on top of the water dragon.

    butcher70, sanitary as in how? should the water dishes be bleached every day? the one we have now has a reptofilter/waterfall in it in addition to being "fishnetted" every day.

    we will toss the heat rocks, we were trying to make sure there was a place for them to warm up at night seeing as we have no heat source at night. we didn't think it was an issue (until now) as we would see them rest on them for a min then crawl off as if they knew when it was time.
  7. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Piggy backing each other is a territorial behaviour, they aren't cuddling!
  8. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Indeed they are stressed. That 300 gallon tank is sufficient for ONE water dragon, not a dragon and other cage mates. For night heat, try a CHE.

    You still haven't stated what type of UVB and temps you are supplying.
  9. justinturner

    justinturner Member

    so a 6 ft L X 3ft W x 4 1/2 ft Ht tank isn't enough room for 2 water dragons and a tree dragon?

    We dont have the box for the lights anymore but i believe the uv is a 160watt reptisun bulb in a deep dome enclosure. The staff at Scales n tails told us that would be sufficient for the tank which they also sold us, they also told us it was enough for the lizards. I placed a basking light in addition to that just to make sure i believe it is a 75 w basking light. the CHE for the night is a good idea. as far as the temp, we just got an auto shutoff temp fixture with probe today, previously the temp was unkown.

    the tree dragon falling asleep on top of the bigger water dragon who is also asleep is territiorial behaviour on the tree dragons part?

    sorry I am just having trouble thinking this is an act of aggression.
  10. Reed22

    Reed22 Elite Member

    No, a single CWD could possibly live in that, if i had a CWD id put him in a 6x3x6, with all those animals i would use a room not a cage, like a 15x10x10. ( and a Chinese water and tree have different needs than an aussie water , so that could have killed the aussie.)
  11. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Its called stacking! When housing multiple lizards in one enclosure this happens! They will perch one atop the other in order to bask in the warmest, brightest part of the terrarium. This may look cute, but the dragon on the bottom of the stack will not receive the same degree of beneficial UVB as the dragon on the top. Also the breathing of the dragon on the bottom of the stack may be impaired. They should all really have their own enclosure, they are all different species and deserve to have their own space.
  12. justinturner

    justinturner Member

    the aussie is alive and well. we have just had a a few tree dragons go from disease. a room is a bit excessive, i'm sorry but one doesn't need a room sized cage to house a lizard 6 inches long.
  13. DimitrisDaisy

    DimitrisDaisy Elite Member

    You only have a Reptisun? Is it a mercury vapor bulb? If not, your lizards are not receiving any UVB and will eventually die of MBD.

    Move them all to separate enclosures as they do not have enough space. Lizards are territorial and solitary animals and generally don't do well in groups. There's no need to have them all housed together. It doesn't benefit them in any way.
  14. Reed22

    Reed22 Elite Member

    you said you have a chinese water dragon(they get 3 feet), an aussie(gets 3 feet) and a tree dragons(get around a foot) so all together, they should not be together at all, but if for some reason you need them together, you need a way larger cage or even a a small room. and lots of people do it for a single reptile(iguana, monitor)
  15. DimitrisDaisy

    DimitrisDaisy Elite Member

    If a tree dragon is smaller than a CWD I can guarantee that CWD will eat it.
  16. Reed22

    Reed22 Elite Member

    first of all, i dont get how you keep the two water dragons together. the chinese dragon is from asia needing 80% humidity and the aussie is from australia needing like 50% humidity. no wonder all your pets dying(not to be rude) I would strongly advise against the keeping of the two species together. Aside from differences in each species ability to cope with water quality issues (the lesueurii can deal with almost septic conditions, the cocincinus needs exceptionally clean water) They are animals adapted to different environmental illness issues, in other words one may have immunity to potential parasite/disease issues the other does not have.
  17. DimitrisDaisy

    DimitrisDaisy Elite Member

    Actually Aussies have very similar care requirements to CWDs
  18. Reed22

    Reed22 Elite Member

    maybe heat and diet wise, but think about it. China - Australia. CWD = 80-90% humidity and AWD = 40-60% humidity. and then you have the different immune systems. diseases differ from Australia to Asia and so do lizards immune systems. Its like Europeans coming to America. sure we have the same care, but we have different immune systems(which is part of the reason why 95% of the native american population was wiped out.
  19. DimitrisDaisy

    DimitrisDaisy Elite Member

    Yeah, they shouldn't be housed together. I wasn't refuting that. But I do know there are some parts of Australia that are a little more humid than other places. I don't know the specifics, but I think that they are housed the same way.
  20. DimitrisDaisy

    DimitrisDaisy Elite Member

    I found a few caresheets that confirmed my statement that they have the same humidity requirements as CWDs. Just to clear up any discrepancies:

    Australian Water Dragon Care Sheet
    Australian Water Care Guide

    Edit: I thought Agama International had a caresheet that I read before when I was interested in getting an AWD but I can't find it again. Anybody know where it went?

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