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Check out this timber rattlesnake

Discussion in 'General Venomous' started by chevyzilla, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, and gals. Check out this Timber Rattlesnake i found while on a Hike/Snake Hunt today the 4th. I was solo so i couldn't get all the shots i wanted. What an adrenaline rush. It took me about 15 mins to get him out from under the large rock he was under. Notice the gold yellowish stripe down his back. These are refered to as the canebrake style and it is said by most sites they are in the eastern part of the state and not here in Western NC. So much for where they are supposed to be. He is a darker phase coloration. Because i was solo i couldn't get accurate mesurements or weight but i don't tell tall tales and i estimate he was 4' in length and weighed about 5 lbs. He was a big boy. The full body shot of me and the snake is blurred as i had to hold the snake in one hand and set the camera up for a delayed shot and it doesn't focus good doing this. Stupid **** camera. How disapointing. Maybe you guys can give your opinion on size and weight based on the pics. Either way what a find. The valley shot is accross the valley from where i was. I was about 2miles deep 4000 ft elevation. I probably won't do this again solo as if he had got me it would have been the end of me. Next time i will have to have someone with me. No way i could have gotten back to the Tahoe before being incompasitated way before i got back down to human life. Thank you Jesus for the protection but was i excited. Half these words are probably misspelled but for some reason my spell check isn't working. Just as a size reference i am not a small guy, i am 6'5" tall and weigh 240lbs.

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  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    what a gorgeous snake! We have one at work (I work at a zoo) that is also quite a looker.
  3. Jarno

    Jarno Well-Known Member

    I've used to have a couple C.B. Crotalus horridus (horridus) from Coon Creek Alabama.
    Very nice animals (Way more beautiful than Canebrake if u ask me)
    I'll say this is C.horridus(horridus) couse of the dark coloration and body shape. its body compared to its length is not 'fat' (don't know how to explain) and its tail is way to black for canebrake, also its location is too far away i guess.
    maby way back in time it was crossed with an other species? but i wouldnt think so?

    great animal but if i where in your shoes i wouldnt handle him that way. i always keep one finger on top of the head and None beneath the head. also if you're alone and that far away from medical help its just playing with your life. if u put down your shoes next to the snake or a bag and we can see the size of the snake too..
    No offense ofcourse its a beautiful snake you're a lucky guy ;)

  4. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    I realize the handling procedure is not the usual as i handle venomous snakes as well as non-venomous but i didn't want my fingers to get in the way of everyone getting the full display of this awesome specimen. He was very cooperative and pretty docile as most Timbers are. The stripe is not as defined as the Canebrakes but i thought it was probably a little unusual for them here as most here are of the dark phase. Being solo so far out in the wild i just wasn't able to get the shots i wanted as my full attention had to be on him. Before i do this again someone will have to be with me. If you look at the not so clear pic of me holding it you can get a pretty good idea of his size and this is why i included my size as a reference. Handling these things is just so much different than the norm as you know. They really are impressive creatures.What would you guess his age is. I'm thinking 7 to 8 years.
  5. ChrisS

    ChrisS Elite Member

    Now thats a nice looking snake. I love how dark he is. I've only ever found pygmys around were I live (on crowders mtn), but we are suppose to have timbers here too.
  6. Jarno

    Jarno Well-Known Member

    i understand but its a public place and someone might get the wrong impression. These animals are higly venomous.
    any ways i think thats a very good guess maby a bit younger like 6 years?
    i will post my old animals ;)

  7. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    This place was far from public but if we are technical then yes it was in Pisgah Nationl Forest however i am not joking when i say other than myself there is no telling how long it has been since another person has been where i was. Probably the last time i was there last year when i found the juveniles which are on my photo page. I forgot to post the pic of the valley directly accross form me to give you an idea so i will do a post now and include the pic.
  8. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    Sorry all i forgot to post the pic of the mountains directly accross from where i was. If you could have been on that side looking my way it would have been pretty much the same.

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  9. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    Thank You. I wish i could explain the how intense it was getting him out and handling but my words would probably fail me i'm sure.
  10. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Wow, great find, glad you are OK. Is there any type of anti-venom that you can take with you for next time you go on a walk about??? I bet you were soo pumped up when you got him. Thanks for sharing your story and your photos they were great, the shot of the valley is gorgeous.
  11. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    I don't know, maybe but from what i have read anti-venom is VERY expensive. I have heard about 2000.00 per vial but i don't know how acurate that was. This area was only about 1 mile from where i live. I know, now you want to be here to. I hate to brag but this is pretty much what it looks like whenever and i go out for about a 20 mile radius of my house.
  12. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    Apology to all. I didn't even realize that in the pic of me holding it there is a freakin branch right in front of it. I guess i need to go to photo class just to take a decent pic. You just don't know how much that frustrates me. I was so excited, only to produce this for you guys to view. I should be banned from photography.
  13. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Don't beat yourself up too much about the photo. I would rather see a slightly blurry or blocked photo than to hear you let your attention wander and got tagged as a result. That is an awesomely beautiful snake.
  14. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    Thanks buddy i appreciate it.
  15. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I believe that Jarno was referring to the forum being a public place and a youngster might get the wrong idea about free handling these critters.

    No doubt!
  16. Jarno

    Jarno Well-Known Member

    amazing vieuw!
    realy nice i would come with you to take some shots with u but its a bit far away for me :p

    please if u find more animals show me i love too see wild animals in their own habitat!

  17. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    That makes sense, i didn't think of it meaning that but you are probably right. Thanks for the clarification. By the way whats your guess on the age.

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