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Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by suad, Oct 30, 2013.

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    It is my experience over the years of having veiled, Jacksonii and Panthers that sometimes they get dirt in those beautiful big eyes. Without care they will become blind and starve to death unless you force feed them OR better yet solve the problem.
    1) NO SAND I repeat NO SAND in cage. It get in their eyes and does not belong in with chameleons that in nature live in trees in a jungle.
    2) NO GLASS FISH TANKS !!!! They REQUIRE airflow as in mesh screen cages. You will kill your pet if you keep it in a fish tank

    3) If you see an eye closed don't panic. Observe them for a day to make sure they just aren't closed by choice. Chameleons do sleep ya know : )

    4) if you see that they ARE having trouble with an eye. Carefully remove your pet and swab GENTLY ! with a moistened Qtip you may just be able to remove the debris this way. If this is not enough you can buy over-the counter eye wash. I have used on meant for small mammals. They can be found in pet stores as sterile eye wash, Eye irrigation solutions ETC.
    My male panther had a closed eye I used this sterile eye wash GENTLY dripping and then wiping carefully with a Qtip daily. I would always rinse afterwards with clean warm water.
    His eye began to reopen and now he is seeing again and eating on his own. It took patience and gentle hands but they are worth it.

    Lastly if you leave the problem go and don't try to fix it they will probably die of eye infection or starve because they go blind.

    Hope this helps any newbies to Cham care Thanks

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