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Central CA Field Herping

Discussion in 'Field Herping' started by DwarvenChef, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    Growing up in Santa Barbara I was able to quickly get to a number of habitats from beach side to mountain deserts all in a days roaming. Ah the good ol days when you could still find scarlet kings, and SF garters on a day hike... Anyway these days I do all my hunting with a camera. I'd like to know if anyone else does the same in central CA. Would be fun to get out and hike around taking pics of what can still be found in the wild.

    I do alot of bicycle touring and plan on a trip to Tahoe this summer, not alot of herp action expected but I'm hoping that my buddy and I will score some pics for the trip. My buddy is a friend from highschool, a kindered spirit in love with local herps, but he's atracted to alligator lizards and I'm hooked on fence swifts lol.


    caught this little guy about 10-15 years ago on my last hunt in Santa Barbara CA, a beautiful sceloporus occedentilus (sp) using an oat noose.

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  2. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Great photo, gorgeous little guy!

    When I lived in Bermuda, we would use a piece of long grass to make a noose and catch the anoles.
  3. Infernalis

    Infernalis Elite Member

    Take lots and lots of garter pics!!! please.
  4. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    Ok, I've always heard that when you fall off the wagon from an addiction you tend to pick it up right where you left off, No matter how long it has been.

    Well I'm here to confirm it is true in my case (much to my wifes dismay) :p

    30 years ago I knew I was getting into herpetology as major in college, even if my grades, attitude tward school, attendance... didn't exactly reflect it... Fresh out of highschool I had all those dreams floating in my head... Untill the harsh world of reality smacked me for a new one after 3 years of blowing off college classes :p I had the interest in being a herpetologest but ZERO disaplin in getting the work done. 25 years later in culinary school I proved to myself I can learn, graduating with a 3.8gpa (no thanks to my english teachers grr). Little did I know what was to come...

    Letting myself give into my old desire to work with Sceloporus lizards again I find the old desires awakening almost daily. Today at work I worked on a plan to study organinc farms in their bio deversity involving Sceloporus Occedentalus (local swifts). What bug diversty if any and what was eating the bugs. I could not stop thinking about it, I was late getting back from lunch because I was drawing up oulines for study, what was I really looking for what are the temps (mmm need a laser temp reader or 3) of the lizards and grounds. What was the ambient temp, what obvious dangers faced the lizards, what sizes are present in a given location... Ya all over the place...

    Durring my first attempts at college I took a class "Methods in Field Biology", a class that has had huge impacts on me, and for the life of me I can't remember some key details of our studies, but because of that class I have an idea of what to do to get my thoughts stuctured (not an easy task :p). Ive started reading more and more field notes online (ya not the most reliable) just to get a feel of what needed to be documented, not that I'm publishing anything, to be taken seriously by other scholors in the field.

    One thing that keeps popping up and I'll have to deal with sooner or later, Herpetological Journal... A doozy... I can't afford to order these durring puplication but have been trying to find the back issues with Sceloporus listed. I hope to have lists of issues to start hunting for soon. :)

    Another thing I learned in my travels about Dyslixics (Yup thats me) is that we tend to be rather maticulas data miners. While we can't focus on 90% of our daily thoughts, when we do get focused on something NOTHING will get in our way of learning all that is out there accesable to us. And with todays super highway of info... You get the picture... I can't even get colse to sleep right now, not even a full bottle of "Black Metal" imperial stout has slowed me down or made me the least bit tired... /cry...

    Ya... right back where I left off 30 years ago...

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