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Carpet Update

Discussion in 'Carpet/Diamond Pythons' started by Katsura, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    Hey everyone! Some of you might recall that I posted a thread because my carpet python was acting weird; being defensive and not eating. I was going to post a picture of her and her enclosure in the other thread, but I ended up figuring out what was wrong and my life has been pretty hectic as of late.

    Anyway, turns out the poor kid lost a tooth. I don't know how it happened, but I have a guess.. We left her alone for a few days. She wasn't going into her hides, and one day she was following my boyfriend Nathan with her head as he moved about the room, watching him. So he ended up taking her out, and she was back to being her sweet ol' self again, not defensive at all! Though he noticed something was weird with her mouth, so he pried it open and took a look-see (he knows how to do it safely; we had to give our ball Moose oral medications), and found out she was fine, just minus a tooth.

    We tried to feed her yesterday, as it had been awhile since she ate, and as she was acting calmer, but she still wouldn't take it... We tried near every trick in the book, too, before we gave up and just put her back in her cage, along with the hopper. It's not something I intend on doing again, but I figured maybe if she was in a more familiar environment and felt safer, she would take it. It took her several hours, but she ended up eating finally!!

    So thanks for all the help guys. Leaving her alone for a few days seemed to help. I'm glad we figured out what was wrong, and I'll be taking her to the vet within the next few days. :)






    My personal fave pic:

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  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, snakes lose and replace teeth all the time, that wouldn`t cause a difference in behaviour, or make them more defensive, and opening the mouth like that could easily break more teeth! The snake was probably stressed by you handling before he/she had become acclimated.
  3. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Unless the tooth was infected it shouldn't bother them losing some. I know I've seen mine miss a strike and break a few teeth off and she still took the rat from me and ate fine.

    good to hear she's doing better though and that she ate :)
  4. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Glad to hear everythings working out.

    Is there a reason you have that polkadot tape on the hide log or whatever it is (looks like tape anyways, not sure)? Putting tape inside a snakes enclosure is not a good idea.
  5. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    Nice looking IJ, how old is it?
  6. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    Thanks guys. The tape is on there because we got the tank for free from my best friend's cousin - and it came with a hide. But the hide has a hole in it that would have dangered the snake if we were to leave it like it was, so I taped it with duct tape to prevent injury. There are no loose edges that she could get caught on or be able to peel off the tape, I made sure of that, and I'm going to replace the hide ASAP. The duct tape wasn't a permanent solution, ahah. I figured it would be better than putting part of a soda box in there for her temporary hide.

    Also, I don't quite know how old she is but I've had her for a few months. I would GUESS less than a year maybe? I wouldn't say too old as she's not very big; maybe 3 feet but super skinny. I keep meaning to ask the shop I got her from but it always slips my mind..
  7. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    She is gorgeous, love the pattern on the head!
    Cute photo of her around the head :)
  8. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Carpets are typically hatched in the early summer. She is most likely a 2011 which would put her at just over a year old.
  9. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    Yeah, her head is why I ended up naming her Rorschach. Looks like a skull, people have said that she's an Alice Cooper snake ahahah. Thanks :)

    Oh, I didn't know that. I'm glad you told me, cause that's good information to have. Also, is she going to get any bigger or is this as big as she's going to get? I thought carpets got bigger, but as she's an IJ (at least that's what I was told) I'm not sure if this is where she stops or not. I was told they get bigger, but conflicting information..
  10. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    She will get around 5' maybe 6'. Generally, they are 4-5' females bigger of course.
  11. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Yes she will get bigger. Carpets take several years to reach adult size.

    And she is definitely an Irian Jaya.
  12. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    Hey, I was reading that carpets can be sexually mature in 1.5 yrs, but it is much better for their health to grow them slow and put them on pace to reach sexual maturity in 3 years. Have you ever heard anything like this?

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