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Carpet Problems Please Help

Discussion in 'Carpet/Diamond Pythons' started by rosey, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. rosey

    rosey Active Member

    How long have you owned the animal?
    about 6 months. He is about 5 years old and grumpy and tank defensive.
    · What is the enclosure size?
    4x 2x 2.
    · What type of substrate are you using (shavings, bark, paper towel, etc.)?
    wanting to move onto BBS. on newspaper at the min.
    · What are the temperatures within the enclosure and how are they being measured?
    70-80 cool and 90-100 warm.
    · What is the humidity within the enclosure and how is it being measured?
    usually about 30% i think.
    · What are you feeding (or attempting to feed) the animal?
    last feed was a small rabbit as a treat but usually rats and maybe some chicks but he wont eat them.
    · What exactly are you concerned about?

    Just wondering what is the best way i can handle him? as i held him in the shop a few times bus since i have got him home i am so scared he wit bite and warp i haven't been able to hold him. its daft really as my mam has a 8 foot boa and i can Handel her not a problem.
    People have also been scaring me saying silly saying things like if he went for my face he could rip my nose clean off and he could swallow my arm after a wrap bite and he would try to swallow my arm. how bad is a bite from a poss irjj carpet male at about 4.5-5 foot? and he hasn't eaten since he has had this rabbit. was frozen obviously. i dont feed live. Is it he could still be full or hibernating? that was like prob 3 and a half months ago. i have offed small-x large rats, chicks, not tried him on fresh chicken breast tho.
    atm he is going into shed.
    i cant seem to get him to come out of the tank and he always poses to strike. i try him with the snake hook but i think that just winds him up even more. i need to shift him to put him on BBS. i have moved him into a feeding tub most of the time to feed but recently been trying to feed him in his enclosure i know that's the worst thing i can do but when i try to take him out he just gets ****ed at me. but i have managed it when feeding time if he been sleepy.
    Also is it true that if he don't get handled often he can get worse and get more bitey?
    Every time i go to spray him he puffed up and hisses then coils to strike.
    When i gave him his rabbit he half halfheartedly turned round strike n nearly got me but i think it was still feeding response mode.
    any help appreciated. as i am thinking if i cant care for him properly i may have to sell him.
  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Your post isn't exactly clear.

    It looks like your humidity is low, you want to boost it to the 40-60% range. It helps to cover vents in the cage to keep the humidity in when you spray him.

    A 4-5 foot carpet is not going to rip off your nose, or your arm, or even a finger! If he had a really good hit, he might draw blood, and cause a little bruising, or if he is really unlucky, he might break off a tooth, which could cause problems for him. He is not big enough at that size to do any of the ridiculous things people have been telling you.

    We need to know the actual temps/humidity in the enclosure. ten degree windows aren't really descriptive, and the method in which they are being measured is important, too, because some tools are better than others for measuring those things. For example, if you use a cheap analog thermometer, they can be off by a lot, and while you thought your snake was at the right temperature, he might be too hot or too cold, which can cause problems.

    Does he lay on one end of the cage all the time? if so, is it the hot end or the cool end? that could be a clue.

    If he hasn't eaten in 3 months, something in his setup might be incorrect, causing him to not be hungry. Which can make you cranky.

    What is BBS?

    My carpets act tough, but it has been a while since either one tried to bite me. I think they bluff a bit.
  3. rosey

    rosey Active Member

    ah OK BBS is bio active substrate. i use a temp hun and some of those cheapish hygrometer digital displays. i also have a thermostat set to about 85 iv lowered it to 80 as its colder in my flat and he seems to moter about but has been spending a lot of time in his water bowl. i spray him 1-2 xs a day with my pump pressure spray and he has a cat litter box for his water at the cool end. i think his temps now are about 50% i need to get a new hygrometer as the ones in his tank has broke. what is best to check for him that wont break? that is a relief he wont do that. i didn't think he would but really started to play on my mind.
    I was fine about holding him then people kept saying all this stuff to me and as they are tank defensive got me over worried. followed by tall stories, its stupid really. i was thinking iv not heard of carpets doing this before and the only pythons that have tried to eat a arm, leg, etc are afrocks, rectics huge pythons known to be nasty and very intelligent. Snakes like that well intelligent for a snake lol. but carpets are pretty clever too. i don't know why but he just tried coming out and i closed the door as he is shedding now this very minute but he seems to have stopped shedding a 3rd of the way down do you recon i should grab the shed and help him with it by pulling on his shed whilst he crawls through it to help him? its really daft as he hasn't bit anyone since i got him and whilst in the shop, although he nearly got the shop keeper but was going into shed and milked over at that time. Only threatened to a couple of times and once opened his mouth with a half hear-ted lunge although that was after he been fed so i reck it was feeding response.
    So how much will it hurt if he did bite me? as i have read that it hurts a lot and bleeds a lot too. but i have been bitten by a Yorkie dog does it hurt more or less hasn't that? as that dog was pretty bad as it took a chunk out of my leg an if i didn't move back would of hung of my stomach! That was pretty bad though.
    I wouldn't want my ijcp to feel threatened enough that he feels he has to bite. how big will he get? as the shop keeper said that's about his full size and wont get much bigger than this.
    Also their is some spacing in between his scales and i am wondering if that would be from the rabbit i gave him (that was about 3 and a half months ago) and if i am feeding him too much?
    also he hasn't eaten since the rabbit. could it be that he is in a kind of hibernation state still? but he seems more active past few days. any ideas? i have the complete carpet python book also.
  4. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Are you referring to a thermostat for the cage? or for your flat?

    Do NOT help your snake get the shed off. You can damage his skin. If it still isn't off, place a damp towel in his cage. The extra humidity will help that last bit of skin come off.

    Any thermometer/hygrometer combo will work, and most garden centers carry something functional for a reasonable price. Many are battery operated, but some can be plugged in.

    If your carpet seems cage-defensive (as one of mine does) I have found the best way of getting them out to simply open the cage, and let their natural curiosity bring them out. Position your arm or hand near the part you have opened, and let them climb onto it. Once out, they are typically curious, and explorative, never really sitting still, but not terribly aggressive.

    I have been bitten by most of my snakes, including my very large boa, who bit my face.

    It doesn't hurt much at all. It is a little startling, because they are so FAST, and the wound will bleed quite a bit for a couple minutes, but stop very shortly. If you get bit, the wound will probably have stopped bleeding by the time you get to a sink to wash up. It will be completely healed within a couple days. They will not take a chunk out of you - their teeth do not have that capability. Their teeth are very sharp, so they make clean punctures (not unlike a doctor's needle) rather than tearing or damaging your skin. A dog's bite, or a cat's scratch hurt far worse than a bite from a snake that size. On a scale of One (mosquito bite) to Ten (stubbing a toe), I would rate it about a 2 or 3. It hurts only bad enough that you notice it happened, but it does not hurt after they withdraw. A sting from a hornet would probably come in at 7.

    Carpet pythons range in size, much depending on which subspecies they are, some stop growing at 4 feet, others (namely coastals) can sometimes get to 13 feet.

    Has your snake pooped since his last meal? If not, he hasn't digested it (which may indicate he is cold). If he has, and you can still see skin between scales all over the body (not just a lump where he ate) then he may be a little overweight.

    If there is a vet in your area, they could help clarify. Pictures would also help.
  5. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    Snakes more or less operate in a couple of "modes"
    1) sleeping/resting
    2) hunting/eating
    4) fear (fight or flight)

    When your snake is in modes 1,2 or 4 you are risking being bitten, potentially. However, a food response bite and a fearful bite are completely different. A defensive bite from a 5 foot carpet is pretty much harmless. A food response bite is a bigger problem. A few very simple precautions can prevent feeding response bites. Animals that are cage "aggressive" are usually just afraid. You have them cornered in a box, so flight isnt an option, insticts tell them to defend themselves. I have a very defensive carpet python myself. Ive taken a bite from him before, and it wasnt a big deal. I handle him for a few minutes every week to keep him reasonably tractable, but for the most I let him do his own thing. Just because a snake isnt puppy dog tame doesnt mean it can't still be an enjoyable pet. I enjoy watching him do his thing, and he enjoys mostly being left alone
  6. rosey

    rosey Active Member

    thanks for the replays. yer he has since shed and pooped an i didn't pull the shed off and he relived himself in his shed lol, and yer i think a little plump. he has since warmed up and went for my face missed me by about 2 inches. would that be as he felt scared? as i have been trying to hook train him but i am sure it just aggravates him? i was wondering whats best if i just take him out or just open his enclosure and let him roam out? I found that i did this last time and he was ok but took a while to eat and didn't immediately strike feed like he normally would. i really don't know why im so scared of a bite deep down i know its not a big deal but people scaring me i suppose has took its hold. i guess he is/was in breeding mode. i just feel like im being cruel to him not handling him as people have stated bull. well if its no worse than a dog bite i really am worrying over nothing. he has a probe in there and has a new revamped enclosure and seems a little happier since.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I will take a bite from a snake over a dog bite any day!
    I have been hit by a 14 ft retic and other than the little needle holes from teeth and bruising from the force of a bite it wasn't that big a deal. It's the shock of the suddenness of the strike that gets to you, not the damage from the bite.
    Although I would keep him away from your face. A strike to the eye would be serious!
  8. rosey

    rosey Active Member

    yer it would lol. i have been trying to take him out best part of this afternoon and he huffs n puffs at me and is verry jerky and looking as though my hand would be tasty lol. i am trying to take him out to feed him. how is best to take him out when he is like this? i keep trying to upload picks but not having any joy. i will try and upload again in this post. DSC_0470-1.jpg DSC_0471.jpg
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If you are that nervous about a bite, go get you some leather gardening gloves and wear them and a long sleeved sweatshirt when you handle. This will make it less stressful if you do take a strike.
  10. rosey

    rosey Active Member

    lol i have all that inc a snake hook. 2nd time he strook at me again today but im sure it was a closed mouth strike? didn't get me as i was behind the glass lol. i wear a long sleeve top and gloves (like the thin welding gloves) when i wanna try n take him out. today had been unsuccessful i will eat summat an think i will just pop my hand in an take him out. i can see me getting tagged tonight. I've had viv open on an off today and hes not even poked his head out.
  11. Burnsalan22

    Burnsalan22 New Member

    I learned a couple days ago that these animals do not like being forced out of their comfort zone. As others have stated, open the cage and let their exploration instincts take over. And NEVER grab from above. You are 50x its size and it will see you as a predator.
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