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Cape Dwarf Chameleon Care Sheet

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Rich, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Rich

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  2. Rich

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    Re: Cape Dwarf Chameleon Caresheet

    If you would like to add to the information found within this caresheet, or perhaps discuss the contents of this caresheet, I invite everyone to do so.

    If you wish to donate some images of your Cape Dwarf Chameleon for use within this caresheet, with credit being given to you of course, please add them to this thread as well.

    This thread is now a "sticky" at the top of the "Chameleons" forum.
    Discussion within this thread is ONLY relevant to the caresheet found in the first post. Please do not ask questions about caring for your animals in this thread. Start a new thread in the appropriate forum for the species in which you need answers.
  3. ETBMikenel

    ETBMikenel New Member

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and would like a few tips. I am housing two Bradypodion chams (not entirely sure which bradypodion) in a roughly 20.8 litre tank.

    I would like assistance with sexing each cham AND advice on which substrate would be best to use. I am battling to get the chams to drink and so far have managed only to see them drink when I drop water in front of them using a small syringe. I have provided them with a drip tank system but they use this only when desperate.

    The reason I need assistance with substrate is that I have been battling with moss growing where water spills. It takes a matter of hours for the substrate to begin growing moss after water has spilled resulting in the tank being cleaned every day. The chams are not especially bothered by this and are happy to continue eating flies and crickets. However it bothers me that I am required to do such an in depth cleaning on the tank on a daily basis. FYI, the substrate used is crushed corncob (dust free and silica free). I have taken this out and the chams are not happy with a glass floor.

    I am skeptical to use carpeting as I worry mould will still be found here. Would a reptile sand be adequate?
    Below are images of my two chams, Sonic and Tails, and their enclosure.
    tails.jpg sonic.jpg WP_20170104_16_14_52_Pro.jpg

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