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Can Snakes Become Impacted?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by TitoAndKatt, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. Maya

    Maya Elite Member

    That is so cute 1melissa3, they are beautiful looks like it could happen sooner than you think. How old are they?

    Thanks Murrindi, I assume if they are morphs they are not blondes. Besides he is a male probably all that blonde stuff doesn't apply to him.
  2. 1melissa3

    1melissa3 Elite Member

    Well, I hope so. . .;) They have been that way from the very beginning. It is the funniest thing that they even come out and look for each other when we handle them.
    I hadn't paid enough attention to your pic, you have a rtb, which is very nice. . . Here's a pic of mine, but we have yet to handle him frequently. Perhaps once a week or so, I hope to do better by him, he's just not happy with the attention.

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  3. 1melissa3

    1melissa3 Elite Member

    My bps -- the female, bigger one, is about 9-10 months and the male is between 6-8 months. We bought the both of them from pet stores, so I can only know by how long we've had them, we got her in November and him in January. We bought the rtb in March. They were just very small when we got them and couldn't have been very much older than that.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You had better step it up. He'll be a lot easier to handle now. If you wait too long you are going to have a very large, very strong, snake that is not happy with the attention. Handling regularly is the only way you are going to get him over it. Even if its only a few minutes a day.
  5. 1melissa3

    1melissa3 Elite Member

    When I got him from the pet store, they had handled him a lot. We got him home with me holding him the whole trip ((3 hours)). He was okay with me handling him after that until his first feeding, then it seems it didn't want anyone to bother him. He had swallowed a small piece of the bedding that first time and in the end of two weeks regurged. It was horrible. . . After that, we handle him, but very little as he tends to move out of our hands and races for his hides. He doesn't mind to be touched and moved, he will even come see what you're up to, but we also don't take him out of his cage because he moves so quickly that I'm afraid we would lose him in the house. . . But, what you say is too true and I want to do better by him.
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