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Calling All Lined Gecko (vittatus) Keepers And Experts!

Discussion in 'Geckos - Other' started by skipskylark, Jul 12, 2018.


Is he lonely or his he angry?

  1. Angry.

  2. Lonely.

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  1. skipskylark

    skipskylark New Member

    I've had my (supposedly Indonesian) Lined Gecko for about four years now. I was told he was bred in the store and had grown up there its whole life. At the time he was nearly black, and just beyond juvenile stage. He appeared healthy besides what looked like a mole on the top-center of his head. He was also housed with two or more fan footed geckos in the same tank and would sleep with them. The worker who got him out was bit and bled, so I learned to be very careful with the bugger.

    Over the time I've had him, he's only gotten worse. He's totally moody, only interacts to attempt biting at fingers, and otherwise squeals like a baby gator every time you try to handle it, thrashing about in my grip. He doesn't even just try to bite fingers, he smacks the glass with enough force to make you jump if you weren't expecting it. And he will do this repeatedly. More so if I scratch the glass with my nails. He began rejecting his CGD and ate insects, starting eating super worms and got mouth rot which I treated, and now will only eat large dubias if left alone. Except yesterday, he ate one from my tongs for the first time. The only other positive is when I did get him to eat, he grew almost to expected size and his tail plumped up.

    I can't seem to figure this guy out. I've heard him chirp at night twice and besides that he's normally quiet besides his rustling around doing his routine. His testicles also seem to come and go every few months. I'm at a total loss trying to understand this creature, and almost feel like I shouldn't keep it at this point. Yet I adore it's peculiar behaviors and beautiful look. I can handle him if I restrain him with one gloved hand, and can pet him with a free hand. His tail will write and curl like a snake while his legs go limp until I've eased up enough on him to squirm his midsection to escape.

    Yes, geckos don't have complex feelings or emotions. But I feel like he's either really pissed at all of humankind, or he's just lonely and needs a cage mate for stimulation.

    Any input I can get would be appreciated. I also keep two crested geckos with no problems.

    The Vittatus' tank is about 3.5 feet long and 2 feet high and one and 1/2 foot deep. I understand they're supposed to be arboreal but he's preferred to be horizontal mostly, and prefers to sleep horizontally in a paper towel roll or half log. I suppose it's just the way he's grown up. Also his current tank is more than three times the size of the one he was kept in with the fan footed geckos. Funny extra detail, the little bugger was kept in his own separate tank from the fan feet but would squeeze between the barrier and metal mesh at the top to go hang out with them every time he was put back!

    I've also been wondering if the gecko might just be literally mental.
  2. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Sounds like he is afraid and doesn't want much to do with people, and the repeated forced handling you've been describing only serves to worsen this.
    Every time you forcefully restrain the gecko to handle it it gives the gecko more reason to want to avoid it happening again. Another thing to note is that Gekko does not come to mind as a genus with a generally good temperament, look at the Tokay for example.
    There is a chance he will never get "better" but if you want to try I strongly suggest that you stop force handling the gecko and instead try to slowly regain/build trust.
  3. skipskylark

    skipskylark New Member

    Providing better moisture, and daytime shade are the only things I've done different aside from quitting handling him. I suspected he might be sick as he had begun wheezing while at rest, so I followed fever temp procedure. Soon though had to leave town for a few days, so heating was left off for fire hazards. I feared his condition would worsen upon returning, but to my surprise he was perkier and healthier than I'd seen him in a year. And ready to eat!
    All he needed was absolutely peace for a few days. I made sure it wasn't a dehydration issue previous to this.
    The list can go on and on for how this guy surprises me.

    Oh and, after this he began to accept one dubia from the tongs every night or two before scurrying away to hide for ten minutes or less. He's stopped running from me upon entering the room or interacting with my other tanks- until something spontaneously startles him. Before, he'd hide even if he could hear someone walking down the connected hallway. You could hear him jump. Now, he watches curiously for a bit.

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