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Cage Update Question

Discussion in 'African Fat-tailed Geckos' started by Seandeezy, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Seandeezy

    Seandeezy Elite Member

    I learned a lot the last time I asked questions on my tank setup for my AFT's. So here's another update on what I have going on for them.

    The bright lamp has UV and whatnot but I don't use it since AFT's are nocturnal. (Used it to show what I have in the tank.) The left side of the tank is the hot side which has an under tank heating pad. The heating pad is located under the bush type thing. During the day the hot side of the cage is about 80-85degrees, I'm not too sure on the cool side, I need to get a gauge for that side :eek: Last time I was on this forum, I was using Calci-Sand and I was told never ever ever ever use that again and why I shouldn't, so I now use cage carpet.

    The humidity in the cage is about 30%. The right side of the cage used to have a glass cover until a friend of mine broke it on accident, so I'm sure that's why it's harder for me to keep the cage humid. Is 30% alright or do I need to obtain a higher percentage?

    Sorry for rambling lol. :D

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  2. Seandeezy

    Seandeezy Elite Member

    I went to the local Petco and asked how they kept their Leopard Gecko's cage at such a high humidity and they said it's because they are in a tank next to with moisture, so that didn't help me much.

    I'm just wondering how to keep so much moisture in my tank. Blah :(
  3. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    I would think as long as there is a moist hide in there as well, 30% is ok. They don't need it bone dry, but do need some moisture.
  4. Seandeezy

    Seandeezy Elite Member

    What are the other ways of making a moist hide besides the perlite or whatever the white little beady things are? :p

    I was just bumming out because I knew they needed moisture and I wasn't giving them like 60% and stuff, but on average it's around 35-40%, so that's good to know that's okay.
  5. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    They don't need it humid like a rain forest, that's for sure.

    For a moist hide, you can use spanish moss, eco-earth or paper towels.
  6. Seandeezy

    Seandeezy Elite Member

    Alright I've seen eco-earth at the petco. How long does it last for? Like how often do I need to wet it again?
  7. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Depends really on your setup and what you are using as a hide. If your hide is plastic, like an upside down tupperware container, it will retain humidity much longer than something that lets out more air. It could be every day, it could be once every few days, it just has to stay damp.
  8. Seandeezy

    Seandeezy Elite Member

    The hide I used to have in there before I moved them to my other house was an upside down tupperware container, the chinsy ones, but it worked. So all I'm going to have to do is just mist it? Or am I going to have to take all the eco-earth out and replace it?

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