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Cage Ideas? Atb Cage? Humidity? I'm Building It

Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by Hkg, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    I'm gonna build a amazon tree boa enclosure. It's dimensions will be 3x2x4 (length x width x height) if the snake gets bigger then I'll make the cage bigger. But I think it's big enough. Anyway. Could you guys maybe tell me what would you'd recommend for building? It needs to be able to handle the high humidity (I will seal it) and look like furniture kinda. Just so it can blend in with the rest of the room. And how can I keep it humid but not moldy? Like how do I get good air flow with out loosing to much if the humidity? And what's a good but not to expensive way to gauge the humidity like a hydrometer? Anything helps! Sorry for all the questions.
  2. sp1jp

    sp1jp Member

    Hey there! 3x2x4 is actually a bit much, I keep my adult in a 3x2x2 and he loves it. Building one will not be cheap, Honestly. Your best bet is to check out . Jim Is a great guy and hooked me up with my first enclosure, and Im all the way In Canada. also if you go that route, Go with a Radiant heat panel. Mine loves it and its completely safe for them. All said and done you are looking at around 350$ for one, you will also need a good thermostat.

    As for the humidity and hygrometers, In my experience all the ones marketed for reptiles are trash. There is only one type of person who is more concerned about humidity then Arboreal snake keepers and they are Cigar enthusiasts. Go to amazon/ebay or your local Cigar shop and ask for a hygrometer. I ordered mine online for about 25 bucks each and they are made by Xikar. Look up how to use a salt test to calibrate it ( super easy ) and then stick it right in the back of your enclosure. As far as keeping humidity, PVC enclosures help a ton. I mist a few times a day and my ATB enclosure stays between 60-80 percent and I allow it to dry out.

    If you must build one Ive seen a variety of effective methods, One person I saw used a big rubbermaid storage container and turned it on its side and built a frame around it with sliding glass doors. Total cost was 100$ I believe. But it wont really sit even on a table and doesnt look as nice. Another way is going to your local hardware store and asking for sheets of acrylic or pvc. They are very expensive tho and usually you will have to buy way more than you would need. Another way to go about it is making it out of wood, This can be very "sketchy" tho unless you are very good at building things because you would need to pick up a water resistant liner to line the inside with. I have seen it done well, But there are always pros/cons and the main con is how heavy it will be. in my opinion nothing beats pvc. Its light, Holds heat and Humidity like no other and it looks nice.

    As I said, Buying a pre made PVC cage is your best bet and you wont regret it, Especially if you go with Jim, He makes them all himself and ships them in pieces, its takes about 25 minutes to put together and its super easy. Plus you can customize it exactly how you want it.

    Heres a picture of a Wood cage with the liner I was talking about.
  3. sp1jp

    sp1jp Member

    Also, Just to add. I've seen people keep ATB's in 2x2x2 Cube enclosures as well. But I prefer to give them more room, Contrary to popular belief most arboreal species prefer width to height so they can stretch out more. As long as it is 2 feet tall it will be fine.

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