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Buying a Corn Snake

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by paleogeek, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. paleogeek

    paleogeek Member

    So I am going to be looking for a normal baby corn soon and I have a few questions; About how big/old should the baby I choose be? should it be a certain age? Should there be things to look for when looking for my corn? Also I would like a snake that will grow to be longer, so do males or females grow longer, or are they both around the same size when adults? If you have any tips on what to look for or any other words of wisdom, feel free to share.

  2. paleogeek

    paleogeek Member

    Update: Is there any color difference between males and females?
  3. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum and awesome choice with a cornsnake.
    #1 look for a baby that has ate at least 4 meals in a row, I prefer to wait until they eat 5-6 before I let them go. I make sure they are eating thawed pinks and are use to being handled. 2-3 months old is a perfect age to go, as long as they are eating good.

    #2 Things to look for, no stuck shed, baby should be active, no nose bubbles or raspy/whistling breathing and check for mites, they are teeny tiny black insects.

    #3 I have found most of my females are larger then males, but that does vary a lot. I had a huge boy, Beast, he was over 1000 grams. My creamsicle is over 5 feet, she is a hybrid corn.

    #4 Take your time finding the right snake for you, I noticed you say you want a normal, a lot of morphs are very affordable. If you have a reptile show near you that would be a good place to have a look and hopefully bring home your new friend. For now setting up your enclosure and making sure the temps are perfect before you bring it home will be very helpful. When you do bring him/her home let it settle in at least a week, just refill the water and spot clean as needed. 2-3 days after its first meal with you is a good time to start holding. Babies can be startled easy, they can hiss, rattle tails(like a rattle snake lol) and/or strike/bite. They are food for a lot of different types of animals and soon will learn that you are not going to hurt them. A baby corn bite doesn't hurt it will startle you more then anything. I once saw baby corn bites described as "Being attacked by angry Velcro" lol!

    Best of all have fun and can't wait for pictures!
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    And no there is no color difference between sexes.
  5. paleogeek

    paleogeek Member

    Thanks for the help!

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