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Burmese Python Turned Crazy

Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by medusa1974, May 21, 2013.

  1. medusa1974

    medusa1974 Well-Known Member

    So I posted some pics in an earlier thread of my new burmese Carmella. I bought her at the Seattle reptile expo from a very reputable breeder. So here's my issue

    I brought her home and got her out to move her from the tub I transported her in into her new enclosure(thats when the pics were taken). And she was great no aggression what so ever. I put her in the enclosure and she was great, she spent the first couple days chilling in her hide but still no problems. The breeder told me she would be ready to eat about a week after I got her home. So Sat. I bought her a F/T small mouse(the breeder said he tried F/T and she wouldn't take it) but I figured it was worth a try to give her one. When I got her out to put her in her feeding tub she was fine, still docile just hanging out on my hand. When I put her in the tub and got out the mouse she went nuts she started striking at me and caught me twice. So I got out a longer set of feeding tongs. This did little to no good she ignored the mouse and kept striking at me. So I left the mouse in with her to see if she would calm down and take it. I left it in there for 6 hours and she never showed a bit of interest but anytime I walked in to check her she struck like crazy at me thru the plexiglass.

    Okay so I have to feed my newest girl right? Maybe its the F/T mouse I think? So I go to the local pet store and get her a live mouse. She lets me pull the F/T mouse with my tongs with out to much pain. Yeah she did bite me once in the process. I got the live mouse out and same thing she was intent on taking my head off and no interest in the mouse. I kept trying this for about five minutes at a time for about 4 more hours before she took the mouse killed it left it laying and went back to trying to take my head off. Ok enough for one day, you wont die of starvation. I put her back into her enclosure( with a very long snake tender LOL). Next day boom she takes the mouse and eats it.

    This was 3-4 days ago. Everytime I even attempt to get into her enclosure or pick her up she attacks anything she can get her mouth on. I've got five nice bites on my right hand and three on my left and luckily she didn't make contact with my face.

    My question for any of the other burm owners. This is the first Baby baby burm I've owned (I usually rescue the poor babies when someone doesn't want them anymore). Is this standard for them. Why was she fine one minute and now she is like satans spawn. Do you think I should just leave her be for a couple weeks, or should I try working her thru this? I'm worried if I just leave her be for a couple weeks she may get even more aggressive.
  2. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Sorry this is so long in being answered. How old is your baby? It sounds as if she may be extremely hungry. My Burms normally have an extremely strong feeding response. You may want to feed two or three mice (no one said Burms were cheap to feed). When I first got my Burms, one was 10 feet and 25 pounds. That was the male that is in my picture on here, the female was about 8 feet and 12 pounds. I actually fed her 9 small rats the night I got her and in between, she kept trying to eat my face. Since then, she has been well fed and never tries to bite me anymore. Again, I apologize for not getting back sooner.
  3. CRRL

    CRRL Elite Member

    You need to train her that she won't be fed everytime you enter the enclosure.
    I dont like seperate feeding tanks because it conditions them to being fed when they are handled.
    I have several very large constrictors, 9 foot and over.
    What I have done is use my snake hook and stroke their sides with it several times a day for a week and then leave them alone.
    After a week I offer a rat and and whether if it takes it or not, repeat the process for another week.
    Only remove her from the tank to spend time with her, dont feed her.
    It will learn not to associate you just with food. If you keep giving her food trying to get her full, you are just making the problem worse. One large rat a week is enough. We deal mostly with large snakes and this is why people surrender them to us. I always get them under control using the above method. Sometimes I have retrained them like this and returned them to a grateful owner.
    A little tough love will pay off big for you.
  4. LunaticFringeInc

    LunaticFringeInc Active Member

    If the only time you handle your snake is when you are moving it to a container to feed, yes it will grow accustom to every time the cage gets opened that its dinner time again! I feed my snakes in a seperate container, but I handle my snakes for about 15 plus minutes a day just about every day. As such my snake doesnt get squirrely on me until after I drop it in the "feeding cage" which is cool cause thats when I want it to have a strong feeding response.
  5. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Just sound like it may be a hungry hatchling to me. I had several years ago out of a batch of eggs that were very snappy especially around feeding time. Considering you just got it, it probably won't hurt to let it settle for a week or two to make sure it's feeding consistently, then you can start working with it again.

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