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Building Snake Cage Need Ventilation Help Please.

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by Jaroloth, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Jaroloth

    Jaroloth New Member

    Hello, I am planning on purchasing a cage for a Sonoran Boa from I will be purchasing the T8 option, the dimensions of this cage are 48" Long x 24" Wide x 12" High (Roughly). Using this site you are allowed to specify what screens/vents you want installed into the cage. As I stated before I will be purchasing a Sonoran Boa. This snake requires a temperature of 32 degrees celcisus in the basking area of the cage and the cooler end of the cage needs to be around 21 degrees celcius. I am planning on either using a 75 W or a 100 W ceramic heat emitter to provide the correct temperature to the cage. I will be placing the ceramic heat emitter on a 8" screen i will be choosing to install on this cage. I am also thinking about installing a 11" flexwatt belly heat tape underneath this cage as this is an option that I can install on the cage when I order it. I would like to point out that I will be using my heat sources in combination with a thermostat I am going to purchase from Spyder Robotics to ensure my snake does not get harmed.

    My question is what kind of ventilation should I order to be installed on this cage, the options are 8" screens or 20" screens.

    Thank you all in advance for answering.

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