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Building [CWD] Enclosure -NEED HELP-

Discussion in 'Enclosures' started by dom23, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. dom23

    dom23 New Member

    So i plan on building a big water dragon enclosure and i want to put some form of water in it. I have thought about using a small pond liner from home depot, or using a glass tank [having rocks lead into the water like this Jaydens Chinese Water Dragon Setup - YouTube ] but im confused on how i would filter/change the water since CWDs defaecate in their water. do i have to change the water every day like a regular bowl?
  2. OEW

    OEW Elite Member

    Well, a filter should make it so that the water doesn't need to be changed completely every day, but it should probably be done once a week. You need to first think about exactly what you want to do for a pond.

    There's different filtering options that are based on what your water feature is like...

    Submersible/internal filters like this
    The best thing would be for the pond to have vertical sides to make it so that you can attach the filter to it. Usually preformed pond liners have slanted sides and probably wouldn't work to have a filter like this, although I have seen a couple with completely vertical sides. A decent filtering option and can usually pick up poop well... They're used for aquatic turtles a lot of the time.

    Decorative filters like the waterfall in that video
    With these your pond will have to be more shallow (I think they work with up to 6 inches of water). These are pretty much like the internal filters but just dressed up as a waterfall, so..

    Canister filters
    If you really want to get into it with an oddly shaped pond liner or something the best bet for filtering is a canister, since it's external and you don't have to worry about mounting it in the pond.

    As for changing the water, like I said, if you have a filter once a week will probably suffice. And to take it out, it depends on how complicated you really want to get. If its not a whole lot of water then doing a cup and bucket type thing might work, or even an aquarium siphon. But if it's a lot of water, as it realistically should be for water dragons, then a siphon would still work. Or a drain at the bottom of the pond that comes out the bottom of the enclosure. Or a pump leading to a bucket or even to outside.

    This options are endless... I didn't mean to get so long-winded haha, and I hope I at least made some sense and helped a little...
  3. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    In my set up I have a very large preformed pond liner (largest one I could find) and used a sink drain and PVC to make a drain in the bottom that leads to a hose that I just stick out side the door, open the valve, unplug the drain and Tada! Pond is emptied.
    I don't have any type of filter for his pond so I change it every other day. On his next pond I am definitely doing a canister filter with a clear fish tank so I can watch him swim better than I can with the pond.

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