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Build Plans

Discussion in 'Vivariums' started by cslammon, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I probably will start over. And I'm mounting the wood on the outside
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  3. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    A couple good ideas there, thanks
  4. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    So my buddy the carpenter is coming over to help haha, we're going to make this straight and then start putting up walls. Hopefully
  5. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Okay, we took it all apart and started over, cut all the wood to 1/8th of an inch precise cuts. Thing stands so sturdy and straight now hah. Tomorrow we are going to put the walls up and move it into the house. It's coming together. Pics tomorrow folks!
  6. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Well, not much progress that you can see, but pics as promised!

    If you look closely, the design changed a bit. The boards that run up it are changed from the outside to the inside. It's more sturdy now, and it will be coming together soon.


    I just put the first 2 coats of Polycrylic on it as suggested by members here, the stuff went on very easily and dries VERY quick (It is 85* out right now, and that did help). Tomorrow when I get home from work I'm going to put on 2 more coats then put up the walls and put 2 coats on them. Should be done by next week!.


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  7. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    More progress tonight, cut all of the walls out and fitted them, then put a heavy coat of polycrylic on them. Going to put those on inside the house once they are dry.

    Went out to Home Depot and picked up a can of the polycrylic spray too, just for good measure. While I was there I also picked up some door knobs for the glass doors, some hinges, magnetic door stops, and some chicken wire for the lights to rest on.

    It's coming together pretty good now, here are some more pictures for ya guys! What do you think of the progress?


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  8. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    I thought that you were going to use plywood??? Staining the outside with the minwax transpartent stain wood look good on plywood but I'm not so sure about particle board/ chipboard. You might be better off with a solid stain or paint!
  9. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Looking good so far. Youd Dragon will be very happy in this new creation.

    Are you going to leave the particle board visible? I know it's more of an aesthetics thing than a functional thing - just curious. You could always paint it, just to give it some character.
  10. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    On the inside I was thinkin about putting up bark or something. I was going to use the great stuff again on the walls but that's so expensive
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Just a thought, could you not glue styrofam, sheets onto the wall, carve it out and then use the great stuff on top of it as a texture? That would minimize the amount of the GS that you need to have.
  12. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I could do that yes. I was even thinking about using tile on the walls inside to give it a cleaner look, but that requires a special kind of backing I'm told. I think I might just put some bark on it
  13. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    If you use tile you will need to use a product called HardiBacker. Its a concrete board made to take the moisture.

    There are other products out there that can be glued directly to the wood though and dont require a speacial backing. I like to use it in the enclosure's ive made. Its Dura-Ceramic. I also use thier brand of flexible grout for making my backgrounds. Which im currently in the middle of doing right now so ill post you a couple pictures for reference if you have not already seen them on the forums.

    Here is sorta what Merlin is talking about. Although i did not use full sheets of foam. Just made my rocks out of if. And built everything up for shape.

    Here is a couple picture with foam, great stuff, and dura ceramic grout to finish it off. You can see i really didnt use much great stuff at all.
    Before grout: styrofoam, wood, great stuff and sticks.

    After Grout: I went this method for the same reason, Using just greatstuff is way to expencive. There are 2 layers of grout to make sure of even coverage and durability.

    Ive done 3 different backgrounds in different ways. And this is by far the cheapest and best looking in my opinion.

    2" thick Styrofoam blocks - craft stores for like 5 bux a piece
    2 cans of Great stuff expanding foam - 9 bux
    1 gallon of dura-Ceramic Grout - Sale rack at Menards 35 dollars.
    Paint (which i am yet to purchase)

    If you got any specific questions just let me know, Ive built 3 custom cages in the last year heh. Its begining to become a sorta hobby for me when i have the time and money heh.

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  14. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    That looks awesome, I think what I'll do is leave a blank piece of wood on the back just so I can finish this soon, then build the good one like you suggested when I have time and money. Once it's done I can easily remove the back wall that's on it now and switch it with the good one. Is that all waterproof? I'd like to make the back wall 100% waterproof so I can make a waterfall
  15. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    It is waterproof yes, but if you want something like a waterfall with water constantly runnin on and over it. Id recommend spreading aquarium sealent over the top of it. Or using some other sort of water sealer. Because over enough time the grout may break down. And thats definatly not something you want in your drinking and bathing water.
  16. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Of course! I can't use the polycrylic because it says right on it, that clean up is just water. I'll use the aquarium sealer like you mentioned, I still have a tube of it from my last build. Although I'll probably end up buying a big tub of it.

    While you're here reading, recommend any pumps that will send water 6 feet up without a problem?
  17. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    6 ft up would be an issue with the ones i was using.

    This is one reason im re-designing my CWD cage. The small submersable pumps i want to use dont pump any higher than about 3 ft.

    So i cant really suggest which type to use for that, But im sure there is one out there. I just had more issues with my waterfall setup than just the pump not flowing enough.

    Seeing you work on your cage makes me want to start Hydro's new setup, but i gotta finish this one for the RETF's and my custom Leo tank needs doors and paint as well
  18. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    A LOT of progress was done today!!! Got it inside the house, walls all up, got the plexyglass window on the bottom done, sealed all the cracks that were there because of my mistakes in cutting. Got the top done and ready for lights. Tomorrow I will be putting dirt in the bottom and starting to set it all up for Yoshi to move in!!



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  19. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    ill assume you want the pump to run 6ft up to run a waterfall of some sort?

    i dont think any filter/pump is meant to do that(6ft rise),unless you want to get into pond pumps . a fountain pump from home depot will probably do the trick. they have lots to choose from depending on the rise needed. i use a smaller fountain pump to run my misting system and it works well. i tried a sub fluval before to run a witer feature and it just wouldnt cut it.
  20. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

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