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Build Plans

Discussion in 'Vivariums' started by cslammon, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I'm going to start building Yoshi's permanent home, just picked up some of the material earlier. It's going to be 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide, 3 feet deep. It's for a CWD.

    Here is a basic layout I made in paint, so bear with me it's not the greatest.

    I'm going to build a frame out of some 2x6's I got so it should look like this


    Then with the 4x8's I got I will cut down to size to fit the walls and tops, and also cover 1/3 of the front of the tank so he doesn't feel too exposed. Here is how it should look toward the end of the build.


    That is with the glass doors on the front. I'm going to coat the entire inside with either bark, or tile. Haven't decided yet. First I'm going to lay down a coat of sealer so the wood doesn't rot.

    Any suggestions and comments please! I'm not too good with wood working. Thanks guys, keep checking in, I will post progress pictures and directions hopefully to help out others

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  2. tedmunds

    tedmunds Elite Member

    Are you using plywood?
  3. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    For the walls yeah, also I just found out the 2x6's I bought are treated, will this be okay if I coat them in a sealer?
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I wouldn't chance it. The chemicals used to treat the wood may leach thru the sealer.
    And since it is going to be enclosed in plywood, 2x4s will be more than sufficient.
  5. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Check with what the lumber is treated with.
    Here in Canada all pressure treated used to be treated with arsenic to keep bugs from eating at it.
    But a few yrs ago they stopped all that and now it's safe to use.
    They were concerned because so much was being used for childrens play areas.
    I'm not sure if the U.S. has done the same thing or not.
  6. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I already cut them so I can't return them.. they were pretty pricey, I'll have to see what they were treated with.. I'd really hate to just throw these out
  7. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    Green treated wood is going to carry a ton of chemicals in it. I wouldnt risk using it in an enclosure. Also 2x6's are way over kill. The enclosure is going to be rediculously heavy when its assembled. So will they ply wood.

    I use oak 1x2 finish cabinet wood for my enclosures. They are perfectly straight and true ( i pick out the good ones) and are just natural oak. It gives plenty of stregth for an enclosure. Ive made 3 of them out of it now. Working on my 4th. I also only use 1/4" subfloor underlayment for the walls and such for my enclosures. These materials are pleny heavy duty enough. And once all essembled make very strong cages.
  8. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Okay so ditch the 2x6's.. ****. So you're sayin 1x2's will be plenty?
  9. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Well I started it, I decided it was safe enough to use the treated wood. I'm going to use a good sealer on it all, 3 or 4 coats of it will do just fine I think. Heres a couple pictures of my progress. It's a little bit crooked, but like I said I'm horrible with wood haha.


    One of the pieces of wood I bought was split at the end, I must have missed it. I'm gonna put an L bracket on it to support it.

    My question:
    What brand sealer can I use? Something that I can spray or paint on preferably, last time I used an aquarium silicon, and I had to smear it on by hand.

    Oh, also, any idea's how to make this thing easily break down into 2 pieces? I need to figure out how to get this in and out of my house when necessary.

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  10. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    I think many people here use and recommend water-based Polycrylic. Many people also use Polyurethane.

    All this makes me want to start plotting my next CWD cage. The current one works, but there is so much I could to to make it more efficient/nicer in general. I can't start till March, so it'll just have to wait. I can make blueprints in the meantime.
  11. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Sweet, so that will be fine then. Yeah it's pretty fun stuff! This is gonna be his semi-permanent home. This is my first time building a cage from scratch so I'm gonna use this as practice. While he lives in there I can build another better one
  12. krookedeyez

    krookedeyez Member

    Hello Cslammin I understand what you are going through when it comes to wood to make it square you want to pull a tape measure from one corner to the other and make sure the measurements are the same. also One thing is you can geta level or a framing square to help you out. easy way to get things square is the 3,4,5 meaning 3feet one way and 4feet another the two points are 5 feet from eachother. Not sure if that helps, I am a carpenter so if you need some pointers just ask.
  13. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    Okay, but do you have any ideas on how I can bring it inside my house?
  14. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    What I did with my iguana cage was to make it in panels that bolt together. Each side as well as the top and bottom are individual sections that can be unbolted and taken apart for moving it.
  15. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    Build it inside your house like i do :) haha. I will try to explain a method that would work. but your kinda a step ahead of that.

    You could build a top portion and a bottom portion. The bottom portion only being a 1/4" smaller than the top so to speak. So that you can basically assemble the top onto the bottom like a box inside the house (this is how my CWD cage custom top sits ontop of a 75 g aquarium). But first you must make sure that you build the parts small enough to fit through a standard 32" doorway.

    You could also split it in half, Then have a piece that attatches on the top, bottom, and back. that you would screw in place to join the to halves together.

    Dont know if you understand what im explaining, but its two possible ways to get you thinking.
  16. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I wish I could build it inside. I guess I'll just have to cut it in half and somehow put it together inside again
  17. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    You should really look into Merlin's advice a little before you move along much further. It'll make your life a little easier. The way his cage goes together, you can disassemble the whole thing and take it out a panel at a time. This way, you are not constrained by making your cage halves able to fit through a door either.
  18. krookedeyez

    krookedeyez Member

    why cant you build it inside do all the cutting inside and screw it together inside
  19. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    There is no room inside, the way the house is setup there wouldn't be anywhere to put it
  20. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    since you are not too far into the build i would take it apart and like merlin said, make 4 seperate walls and then bolt them together inside the house. you will not want to take all this time and effort just to cut it in half , or maybe you do lol, but i definately wouldnt.

    im looking at the framing you have already done and i am trying to figure out whether your plan was to mount the plywood walls on the inside or the outside of the framing??

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