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Bugs Could Be Loose in My House....

Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by cheatherf, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. cheatherf

    cheatherf New Member

    Help-I found our superworms on the floor with the lid off-not sure HOW MANY ESCAPED!!! I have already found one. Does anyone have any ideas on catching more or how this will play out?
  2. CTScrivener

    CTScrivener Elite Member

    Are they confined to one single room? Or the entire house? How about putting a slice of potato or something on a paper towel near suspected locations?

    Is it cold in your house or not? If it is then just keep an eye out in dark places for the worms, no harm done really except for loose worms.

    If it is rather warm (room temperature or higher) then if they become alone and hide someplace dark they will start to change into the beetle form. I should know I've had it happen before, ended up having 10 beetles running around before.
  3. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    I can't help you personally, but, I did want to welcome you to HCN! Sorry for your superworm woes.
  4. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Not likely you'll find them, they will get into some tight dark areas and as stated pupate into beetles.
    It's no big deal, the beetles will emerge and you'll be able to start a breeding colony.
  5. ilovemyreptiles

    ilovemyreptiles Well-Known Member

    when i had mine escape i moved everything i could out of the room that they got out and just started looking as i moved...and it was also a great way to clean things up :) lol...
  6. cheatherf

    cheatherf New Member

    Thanks for the ideas people!
  7. Anthony14

    Anthony14 Elite Member

    Yeah really no problems, you may just be startled by the odd beetle.

    Sometimes I have seen crickets running about and I swear I have not seen any escape..such crafty fellas.
  8. avoidtheboyd

    avoidtheboyd Elite Member

    Dont fret about dropping a few worms.... i dropped 200 crickets one time and cought maybe 60.... and it was in my room

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