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Britain's Got Talent - Girls Roc Am I the Only One Disgusted?

Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by ChiyoAsh, May 31, 2011.

  1. ChiyoAsh

    ChiyoAsh Member

    Please tell me i am not the only one disgusted with how the poor albino Burmese python was flung around & exposed to that kind of environment - I was so terribly upset by it :( & Tonight yet another poor Burm being flung around for some awful dance routine!! Im quite sure the poor guy won't fit into there dance's when he is 21 odd ft long :'/
  2. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    I didn't see that! I'm not even sure that I can get that show where I live!
  3. LilyPad

    LilyPad Well-Known Member

    Yikes! I didn't see it either but I'm sure it wasnt pleasant!
  4. DaliKalak

    DaliKalak Well-Known Member

    I've seen some cool, gentle dances with large snakes, but being flung around? Poor guy. :/
  5. ChiyoAsh

    ChiyoAsh Member

    *************************/watch?v=y9eBngBKHiE :( a lot of people i know, even ones who don't keep herps or like them even agreed it was no way to treat a snake :/
  6. Yurusumaji

    Yurusumaji Elite Member

    I checked out both videos and the handling of the Burmese looks fine to me.

    In the audition she did keep the Burmese (who is a gorgeous albino, by the way) out a little longer, but she actually held him above her so she could do her freaky little jig without bumping it around too much. You see her do the same thing in the semi-finals video as well, she has it around the shoulders as she comes out, but then she holds it and tries to stabilize her hand movement so that it doesn't get jiggled around too much while she's shaking her hips.

    I was a little concerned about that peck on the "lips" she gave it. That's the tamest Burmese I've ever seen!
  7. ChiyoAsh

    ChiyoAsh Member

    He was very tame for the environment he was is, i just thought it wasn't the best environment for him & once he is far to big to fit into there dance routine I doubt he will get as much attention :( & I personally didn't think having him around the sparklers & what not was a brilliant place for him but i see we're your coming from & you've helped me to hate them a little less! :)
  8. Yurusumaji

    Yurusumaji Elite Member

    The snake may not even belong to a dancer. In which case, they've hired it and it goes home with what I hope to be a great caretaker (they'd have to be one heck of a keeper for the snake to tolerate someone in its face like that). If they hire snakes then it's likely they won't use this particular snake for a long time and I'm sure the caretaker never would have let it out on stage with them if they didn't feel the girls would be careful with it or if they felt the snake was going to be poorly affected by it.

    The snake was also only kept on for a short period of time and then was taken off-stage for the remainder of the routine. If you think about it, it does seem that several precautions were taken so that the snake could be part of the routine without the snake being in so much of the routine it becomes detrimental to its health and safety.
  9. ChiyoAsh

    ChiyoAsh Member

    Yeah that's very true, i think the snake belongs to the main dancer "silky Sebastian" i think his name is, but i do agree on how tame he is because by the looks of his size i wouldn't say he was over 3 years of age? I don't have a huge amount of experience with Burms, but the shop i volunteer at has one of a similar size who is under a year old! :p and that ones really snappy haha I just wouldn't bring a Burmese python into an environment like that personally, & There was another Burm later in the show in another 'Brittany' Dance routine, if it was the same one or not i don't know :p
  10. Yurusumaji

    Yurusumaji Elite Member

    First snake I ever got real one-on-one time with was a Burmese. She was a real sweetie and I adored her, but I never would have kissed her nose like that. Miss Cleo wasn't snappy, but she didn't tolerate any funny business. Lol!

    It does look like it's a bit younger, which would make its mild manners even more unusual and points to one heck of an amazing owner. I think the snake is well-cared for and loved by whoever owns it. :) A few minutes on stage probably isn't the snake's idea of a great time, but I'm sure it gets very spoiled for being such a good sport.
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Judging from the way that the girl handled the snake I would be willing to bet that it belongs to her. She was too at ease with it.

    Pythons and boas have been used in dance routines for a long time. Everything from belly dancers to strippers!
    The dancers I have known who used snakes in their acts owned them and because they were part of the way they made their living, treated them like babies.

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