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Breeding Crickets

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Marleynna, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Marleynna

    Marleynna New Member

    Hi. I’m starting up to breed crickets to feed my lizard and to sell to a friend for her lizard. I have less than 100 in a ten gallon tank and they’re eating each other. I feed them fresh veggies everyday. What should I do?
    Also, how do I get them to start producing mass amounts of crickets? Thanks in advance.
  2. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    honestly I would drop crickets and go to superworms and/or dubia roaches(if you can in your state or country). Crickets make noise, they smell and will end up eating each other, they jump all of the damn place and they can injure animals if they really mess up the size and just leave them in the cage.

    Worms have a few of these issues but they don't jump and are easier to care for. also I specify superworms because they have less chitin then mealworms, but they are bigger. however having less chitin makes them easier to digest.

    Dubias are the best thing you could feed you why not. they also are a community so no cannibalistic nature, no smell, no noise, cant climb plastic, or glass or any smooth surface (wood would not be the best idea).

    but if crickets are your choice someone else will have to help you because I dropped them from my animals diet way to much crap to deal with. I occasionally will buy enough just to diversify the reptile's diet but I wont keep them for extended periods.

    breeding either of those are very easy and lots of online help too
  3. Marleynna

    Marleynna New Member

    I chose crickets and put money into it. Lol. I don’t mind the noise and the smell I keep down because of how often I clean it out. I want to stick to crickets because that’s what I feed my beardie and that’s what I friend needs.

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