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BRB Sterilite Bin Questions

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by giveuptheghost, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. giveuptheghost

    giveuptheghost Well-Known Member

    What size Sterilite bin would be best for a juvie/yearling BRB? And at what age, roughly, do they need to be moved into their adult enclosure? I know there are many factors contributing to growth, but approximately speaking, assuming the animal were to grow at an average rate for its species. Ideally, I'm wanting a bin that will last until they are ready for the full-size, rather than a series of bins slowly working up to the final cage. Given the privacy provided by the bin, as opposed to a tank, I think it would be alright for it to be a slightly bigger space without stressing the little guy out too much. Plus I plan on having at least 3 hides and a couple plants in it anyway, so he should feel adequately hidden.

    How many holes are needed for proper ventilation? I don't want him to suffocate.

    Also, how large a heat pad would be needed with whatever size bin is suitable?

    And lastly, should a humid hide be positioned on the warm or cool end of the tank? Or in the middle? If it is on the warm end, will it dry out quickly? I was thinking a warm hide, a cool hide, and the humid hide in the middle, but I wasn't sure.

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