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Brand New Sonoran Gopher Snake Owner!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DonJuan, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. DonJuan

    DonJuan Member

    Hi everyone! This is the first time owning a snake or any reptile whatsoever! I'm super excited but have no knowledge on the species at all so please bare with me as i post lots of questions! I'm trying to learn all I can! Here's my baby, Don Juan! If any of y'all have read the book by Carlos Castaneda, "The Teachings of Don Juan", then youll understand when I say I'm ready to be taught everything I can from him!

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  2. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    Wow really pretty!!! :D I love his colors. Looks like he's going to shed soon, then he will look even prettier :)
  3. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    I've read all the Castaneda books except the last one, supposedly an interview with Castaneda after he came back from the dead or something. Gopher snakes make great pets, all bluff and no bite. A google search will turn up a few care sheets, should answer most of your questions.
  4. DonJuan

    DonJuan Member

    Thanks so much! And I love his style of writing!

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