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Brand New Skin

Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by MoskiWoski, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    A 28" shed, and she went from 20 grams last month to 30 grams this month.

    My little girl is growing up!

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    She's gorgeous! And great shots too! :)
  3. justor

    justor Elite Member

    She looks great!
  4. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    Thanks, both of you. She actually posed a little for me, so I grabbed my phone and snapped a few. They're a little blurry, I forgot to clean the lens. Haha.

    Thanks again!!
  5. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    she's looking really well! must be doing well with her meals!
  6. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    Thanks, Joey. Yeah, she's up to the right size. It's fun peeking in on her while she's eating. Sometimes it takes her a minute to figure out where to get started. Haha.
  7. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    Once, she threw so many coils around the mouse, she completely covered it. When she went to start eating, she bit herself, then jerked back like it was someone else's fault. Hahaha.
  8. Khelmoria

    Khelmoria Elite Member

    I really LOVE this snake! she has so much personality.
  9. MoskiWoski

    MoskiWoski Elite Member

    Thank you, Khelmoria. Yes she does, I'm very thankful we came into each others lives.

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