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Body Language..

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by Leanne130, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Leanne130

    Leanne130 Established Member

    Hi there.. so I've been trying to read shakira these past couple days and she is quite confusing to Me, I know that snakes are not "take just tolerant but with regular handling can not mind it so much.. I got her in July, when I got her I handled her. Left her for ages to get settled as she didn't really seem too keen on her new home. Always hiding, when night came she was over active and I read that too much activity is also a sign of stress.. I didn't want to add to the stress by handling her loads.
    Bless her she is so lovely, she never strikes or shows any real sign of aggression.
    The problem is when I go to lift her out of her enclosure now she bolts as quick as she can and even jumps when I touch her with the hook or my hand.. so I've been having her out more often as I know that if left to long she will never learn to trust me.. or know Me, recently she has been really weird every since I've lifted her, she just sits and stares at me for ages and ages, when I unlock the Viv she jumps; when she is in my hands she is very squirmish and trying to get away so fast, I really don't want to stress her out loads. She sort of rears when I put my hands close to her and bolts but she has never striked or anything along those lines.. can anyone help with these body language signs? Also is there a way to help with the situation or make it speedier as to not stress her out loads? Thanks Leanne and shakira:D

  2. AmityReptiles

    AmityReptiles Well Established Member

    The rearing up (making an "S" with the neck) is a defensive posture. If you handle her regularly she will get more comfortable and stop doing that. Also, any motion you do above her (like waving of hands over her) will remind her of a bird swooping down to eat her. Always go under. Hand walking works to burn off extra energy and get them more comfortable.
    Snakes are weird, when you go to get them out, they act like they want to stay in the enclosure, but once they're out they don't want to go back in lol. Atleast with colubrids they tend to just hide. My boas get ready to strike me though lol. But this is all normal. They get excited when new things come into their house. Idk what's wrong with my python though lol. She's just fat and lazy and doesn't care much no matter what I do. They all have their own personalities.
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  3. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    As a general rule smaller snakes are jumpier than adults because they are on the menu for just about any predator.
    She should calm back down in time as she grows and also as she becomes more and more accustomed to you. Just keep at it, slow and steady is best rather than stressing the animal out :)
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  4. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    I've found that it's easier to open the tub or enclosure and let the snake come out on its own. My adult female Everglades rat snake apparently wasn't handled much before I got her. At that time she had just about finished the color change from juvenile to adult. She's still flighty, though never has struck or bitten, simply not accustomed to handling. She always ducks for cover if I reach into the viv for her, but doesn't seem to mind nearly as much if I pick her up as she moves along on her own. One thing to avoid if possible when handling a snake is holding tightly enough it to prevent it from moving. Rat snakes are typically rather active snakes, unlike ball pythons (aka pet rocks) or even some boas. My pair of Halmahera Island ground boas are quite similar to BP's as far as their general activity level when handled, yet strike like lightning when presented with a mouse when they're hungry.
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  5. Leanne130

    Leanne130 Established Member

    Very True! Thank you so much, just going to keep bugging her hehe! It's so funny she buffs with me when she goes back into her viv
  6. Leanne130

    Leanne130 Established Member

    Thank you so much! Just going to handling her so she can get used to Me especially when she's young like this! Better than trying to when she gets bigger and I will admit the only time I hold her tight is when I'm actually picking her up and she is going crazy trying to get away but once in my arms she does go a bit squirmy but eventually settles after a while! Thanks so much for the help
  7. Leanne130

    Leanne130 Established Member

    Thank you so much and yes I know what you mean by hand walking, when she's out I do a lot of that with her, she seems to enjoy it, she goes up my arm and everything, hopefully she will get used to it soon enough. I can't wait. She has only really reared once it's like she's just threatening Me! She would never actually stroke or bite Me! And she's moved on too fuzzies now! She's getting so big!

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