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Boa Very Active For Days After Feeding

Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by Jessica Allingham, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Jessica Allingham

    Jessica Allingham New Member

    General Care Description of my Boa:

    Cool Side Temp: 80 degrees
    Warm side: 85 degrees
    Hot Spot(heating mat under cage): 90 degrees
    Humidity: 50-70 degrees (fluctuates slightly because of dry winter climate)
    Hides: One on Cool side and one over hot spot mat
    Bowl: Large enough for her to fit in and filled/replaced with clean water regularly
    Other features: Climbing Branch for her to explore
    Bedding: Reptibark

    I recently "temporarily" adopted by brothers Red Tail Boa- when he moved and was unable to keep her at his new apartment. I will likely have her for a few years and then return her to him. As you may tell from my General Care Description, I have done extensive and thorough research about general care and conditions for this snake, but am concerned about her behavior after her last feeding.

    I fed her two full days ago, and it is as if her prey drive is still MAJORLY kicked in. This is only my second time feeding her- the first time she curled up in her warm hide for about two days, switched to the cool side and stayed there during the day and came out at night.

    This feeding- after eating she has remained head/neck out staring directly at me all day (I work from home and her terrarium is in my office) and body inside her warm hide. She has not once (on my observation) changed position, other than to occasionally strike the glass in my direction. She tracks my movement(and my dogs) consistently with her head.

    She has never bit anyone (my brother has had her for two years) and I have handled her numerous times. It is clear something has switched on in her mind to perceive my heat signature as a possible food source, but for two weeks prior to this feeding I have worked in this office in the same spot and she has paid little to no attention to my presence until now.

    I am often accused of being TOO observant or concerned (which is better than too little) but am looking for possible reasons that she has stays so "obsessed" if you will. I thought it could possible be that she is still hungry? (as in, the meal size is too small for her) and intend on weighing her and basing her feeding on body weight percentage compared to feed rather than size/appearance. But any other suggestions as to why she would remain fixated for SO LONG are greatly appreciated!!

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  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    How big is the snake and how big are the feeders?
  3. Jessica Allingham

    Jessica Allingham New Member

    I just took her out to weight her today (three days after feed) she is still VERY high energy, but I had no trouble getting her out of the cage- no biting/striking. When I placed her back in the cage she went right back into the hide facing me and has her head out again (looking at me) in same position as initial picture posted.

    Information Requested:

    Boa: 1000 grams
    Rat: 116 grams
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sorry I meant sizes...Not weights. I have always fed based in length and widths as opposed to weight.
    In other words feeders that are about as big around as the snake at it's widest point.
  5. Jessica Allingham

    Jessica Allingham New Member

    I suppose that's were my difficulty lies in gauging. I have also heard this way of measurement for feeder size- but I was given a "stock-pile" of small rats by my brother. These rats are probably half or less the size of her widest point- so I fed her two mice (that equal what I thought would be an appropriate size).

    Is this not a good idea? I did not want to waste the mice I was already given and go by larger ones. I could feed her three of the smaller mice (if she accepted them).

    Approximate size of her widest point is 8" circumference
    Approximate size of rat at widest point is 4" circumference
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sounds like the snake is still hungry.
    You can feed multiples to get rid the smaller feeders then move up to larger rats. No need to waste them.
    The problem with multiples is that each feeder has parts which are not digestible. Feeding multiples multiplies the amount of non digestible material.

    There should be a noticeable bulge immediately after feeding.
  7. Jessica Allingham

    Jessica Allingham New Member

    That is actually very helpful, I did not think of it in terms of multiple full bodies increasing amount of non-digestible material. I will go through my current stock and upgrade larger at that point.

    Thanks so much!

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